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Toxic Buyer (Ilegal activities?)

Uh oh, then you are in a pickle here and you might be a part of money laundering now. Which is a bigger problem than a cancelled order.

Never ever do that for anyone providing your own details because you become responsible for anything what happens with that account.


But he knows a scam when he sees one and there were no signs! (Sarcasm)


all are good tips.thanks

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Sorry, Dude!

Your first Buyer has taught you a valuable lesson.

As has been pointed out, you need to set boundaries.

Here’s a tip for you…don’t trust a Buyer just because that person wants your service.

Be thankful it was your first Buyer and not your 101st.

Don’t give up. Just be very careful out there.


I don’t think you understood my message, so that’s what the customer wanted me to do, verified it with my business which I obviously didn’t do. I created a particular account with his details not mine. Instead of * the details be provided me is, * the details HE provided me

Mrs, High Converting Theme* all the themes i use have a proven high converting ratio, even the theme providers say it. Obviously you won’t get a sale if marketing and website isn’t good but for a good store the theme is high converting, i don’t know what you are saying about false advertising.

In fact now that I thought about it this isn’t even a scammer. It’s just a young lad making the wrong decisions who has developed a harmful personality and doesn’t care making such things.

I even have a picture of his ID with some details blurred. Also his phone number, which scammer would do that?

I appreciate your messages and your such intensive interest but I really don’t like the way you set them up, accusing me of false advertising, sarcasm, saying i can’t locate a scammer… etc… i know you will keep replying saying how wrong am I but please, don’t

bad luck that your first buyer cheated with u…

First of all, welcome to Fiverr… where you will meet all types of people, both toxic buyers, and sellers.

Secondly, you don’t need to reply to every text the buyer sends you (but must reply quickly to the initial first text). You can set your status to “away”… and reply to him once a day. Nevertheless, every hour update is too much.

As for the illegal intent, you’re not responsible for the crime he committed or commits. If you knowingly accepted the gig… it’s on you.

I chat with many friendly people, some scammers (and reported on them), and be open to rejecting some cases for your mental health.

Vent all you want… this forum is for that and like I said… you will meet all types of people. If you choose to continue freelancing, be prepared for that.

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You’ve had some great replies already. I just want to add that regardless of whether it’s your first or one hundredth buyer on Fiverr, you must stand your ground and stand up to bullies the first moment they show signs of being abusive or requesting free work.

The actions you’ve described are those of an abusive buyer.

I might have missed it, but I didn’t see anyone else pickup on the above point. This is a community forum. We are all either buyers or sellers. We can’t investigate anything. We’re just here to hopefully offer advice and support.


Humanissocial brought it up early in the thread.



We’re just buyers and sellers and can’t help you. The forum isn’t customer service.

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Ah, thanks! I try not to repeat advice but I do tend to skim through longer threads.


You didn’t say that the theme was high converting. You said your work was.

If I use a product for my business a manufacturer touts as the est in its class, does that mean I can extrapolate that to tell people my work is the best in its class?


You committed deception and no biased statement from the company changes that.

In any case making claims like this does attract sketchy people.