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Toxic fiverr seller

I’ve Post a Requests for helping me on a project ( i’m a seller, who looking for a help from the other seller )

Then, Bunch of goons sellers send me a direct message, IDK why they do that

in short,

because I didn’t reply to them ( i’m not interested )

it makes my response rate decrease so badly, from 100% to 8%!!!


It’s pretty annoying and also makes me mad when sellers start directly messaging me after posting requests. And in that case I’m just sending them a message so it wouldn’t hurt my statististics that it’s against fiverr TOS to send this messages and frankly unprofessional, that I’ll review all offers and will choose the one that suits me and mostly blocking all those sellers who messaged me after replying to them.

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do now to fix your response rate and it will go back to normal in 60 days or if you’ll reply on more messages.

You can also report those sellers to fiverr if you really feel revengeful about that.


I made that mistake at the beginning. I received messages from the annoying unskilled seller and I saw the message but never clicked on it or respond to it, and just because of that my response rate when down drastically. When I figure that out I was so angry. I always respond in an hour two max if I am not sleeping and that one message killed my statistics. I still get messages but I reply to them with short and clear respond using auto-response.

Thats the biggest mistake you did because you should give response to messages either they are sellers or buyers as it affects your response rate too. It doesn’t matter that you are interested to give response or not but you must give response to new seller or buyer’s message.
Even if you will send a message with “Hello” as a response to a new seller or buyer then it does counts as a response rate.
Every new message either from seller or from buyer will increase your response rating by 1%.
It happened with me thats why I am experienced about all of this.

yeah i mean, it’s against fiverr TOS. :upside_down_face:

yeah i think it’s my biggest mistake.

Actually what he can do is to send another request and wait for another batch of people to message him. Reply on time and guess what, the response rate is better.


That’s pretty smart. @donnovan86 :laughing:


@alexanderokky, just reply with a simply “no” or “reported”, and report and block those sellers directly through the Inbox.

Yeah, but you could risk getting reported by one those sellers just in revenge, since it will be doing the same thing they did. :grimacing:

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