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Traditional outfits


So my friends from the states are visiting me in Tokyo right now, and for the past 4 days
I’ve been taking them around places non-stop, being their personal tour guide/translator.
Just because I wanted to look good for them I’ve been wearing my kimonos the whole time but
I gotta say it’s not the most comfortable outfit. It’s hard to believe my people were wearing them
on a daily basis back in the old days. My friends are loving it though, so the hassle is worth it I guess. :smile:

There are people from around the world here at Fiverrland, how many of you guys own a traditional outfit from your country? I’ve seen a good number of Indian people wearing their saris in Japan and in the states and they look great.
Do any of you guys wear such outfits it on a daily basis?


In India, women wear Indian outfits - sarees and salwars, but it’s very rare for men to wear Indian outfits, except during religious rituals or festivals. I am always in my pajamas and T-shirt at home, T-shirt and jeans when going out :slight_smile:


PJs and T-shirt sounds good to me, hahaha :smiley:
Do you wear the traditional outfits when you go to those festivals?


Nah, never wore them, never go to festivals or religious functions, etc. I am not your typical Indian :slight_smile: (except for my political affiliations :smile: )


Hahaha, nothing wrong with that.
I’m sure a lot of my friends will tell me that I’m not a “typical Japanese” whatever that means…

BTW 2 years I found a kimono made from an Indian sari fabric, I bought it right away before anyone
else could take it…it was a bit pricey but was worth every penny. I mean every yen. :heart_eyes:


This question makes me think of my Dad. Although he’s sure Texan, he’s not a cowboy type. He’s more golf shirts, khakis, tennis shoes. He doesn’t like horses.

He worked for years as an executive fund raiser for an academic agriculture experiment station. They sought contributions from other schools, politicians from coast to coast and sometimes foreign seed companies.

On the days my Dad went to entertain clients he would dress in a fancy cowboy hat, alligator boots, western shirt with pearl snaps, jacket, a bolo tie (below) and new ironed blue jeans. I always found him hilarious in his rhinestone cowboy clothes.

Bolo tie:


I save my traditional outfits for full moons or special ceremonies.


We do wear traditional outfits but on festivals and marriage and stuff.


As I’m not from Lederhosen Germany, I wouldn’t even know how to find out how a traditional outfit looks like.


I haven’t worn traditional outfit since I was 6 or 7.

You just had me take a stroll down memory lane. :black_heart: :blush::slight_smile:


Over here in Pakistan, most of us wear the traditional dress, i:e Shalwar Kameez. And yes, almost 75% of my dresses are the traditional ones.


I’m a Srilankan and Sinhalese. We do wear traditional outfits only on marriages.


Wait… I thought kimonos were only worn in movies.


You know, I looked up outfits from various countries and Google had pictures that seemed rather unrealistic.

I figure people wear what you do, but they had traditional wear from various Asian/Middle East Countries which were extremely elaborate.

It is very nice for both men and women but yikes, I can’t see people going grocery shopping in something that look nice/elaborate?


hahah, nope, you can wear them all the time if you want!
a lot of people think kimonos are formal but there are plenty of casual ones too :slight_smile:


Is Tsunade sama 's outfit also a kimono?


The stuff she’s wearing is more like a vest like this one, so I guess in a way it does
fall into the “kimono” category (it’s called haori) :slight_smile:


Oh Wakharimasta. Arigato gozaimashu :slightly_smiling_face: