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Traffic and conversion summit


Hey everyone,

I just wanted to tell all of you that i attended the Traffic and Conversion Summit 2103 on January 18-20. It was very nice. There was a lot of useful information and I think a lot of sellers on fiverr should learn how to drive traffic to their gigs to make even more sells. If you drive traffic to your gig, you are promoting it in long term. It will bring you crazy revenues. I took notes from the summit and did not want to share it but thought about selling it for 5$ on fiverr as it may benefit a lot of people. The notes are very clear and are of 62 pages. I really covered everything and the bonus too. For those who were not able to benefit from the amazing summit, it is a great buy.

Check my gigs, you can get it there.

You can check out what this summit is if you don’t know :



Thank @arnevb I just hope it can come in hand for someone!! :slight_smile: