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Traffic drop in this month !?!

A strange drop in traffic this month
Until promoted gigs, It only came from her one click :roll_eyes:
Is this normal or have I done something wrong in the past months?
Because I had good traffic and responded quickly to clients but this month my traffic fell
I think the competitors defeated me this month :sweat_smile:
Have someone ever had this experience.



Well, let’s look at the calendar.

December and part of January are traditionally holiday months.

I would expect to see a drop because of that.

Also, in the past month there has been about 2,500 new Fiverr members (or even more).

That means your competition has increased and your Gigs are probably not getting seen as much.

Oh, and Fiverr has something called Gig Rotation in place.

That makes it fair for everyone to get some exposure.

Some of your Gigs may have slipped down the list to allow this to happen.

So, to answer your question…yup. It’s normal.

Don’t worry about it.


Based on my personal experience November is usually a very good month as businesses invest heavily in holiday related products, campaigns, sales, and have a generally high volume of customers. This is then followed by a slow end of December / start of January as customers celebrate the holidays with already bought goods and the businesses sends their employees home to do the same.

The few weeks before Black Friday and maybe the few weeks before Christmas is where the action happens, after that there isn’t much happening for a while.

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In December and January, there are less orders than usual due to holidays.


Yes You are right thanks for sharing this information

Yes correct Hope you get many sales, too as soon as possible

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But still didn’t increase yet.