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Traffic fluctuations

Any feedback will be appreciated. I joined Fiverr in Sep 2015 and my bookings and traffic steadily increased to a steady and promising flow in just a couple of months. Now I expect at least something to come in each day. Most days a booking or two is made and I am quite disappointed if a day goes by without my notification popping up on the Iphone. Why would my traffic suddenly decrease? The last few days have suddenly gone quiet. I wonder if the advertising algorithm is suddenly not in my favour and my services are not featured in the latest mail-outs? I have seen myself in previous email ads but not for a while. Nothing about my service delivery or professionalism has altered and I continue to receive rave reviews for my service. Landing page or opening page exposure would help but I imagine everyone wants a piece of that! I guess that is the lottery aspect of a popular platform such as this.

I think part of your problem might be that you are offering very high-quality services but marketing them very generically. Maybe research the best selling video gigs and word your gig descriptions and titles in mind of these. i.e. “I will record a professional explainer video voice over” etc.

This is only my suggestion and I’m not an expert but it is something I would try.

Did you recently add packages to any of your gigs? The fiverr search engine has a hard time indexing package gigs.

same here. i have not added packages but my traffic is very low

thanks man :slight_smile:

yes I have thanks :slight_smile:

I think it may also have to do with end of budget year and approvals for ad-spend pending etc.