Traffic for my gigs



my problem is that at some gigs does not go traffic. I changed the tags, title, description, pictures but nothing helps. At the same time on another gig watching a decent traffic. How to fix it?

My gigs

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That’s a great idea, @kjblynx! Imagine all the sales that will bring in for @top_site! :smiley:

@top_site, let us know how much your traffic increases with all that exposure!


What is going on??

Is June/14 suddenly the season for LOSERS??? :open_mouth:

Step 1) Spam the Forum

Step 2) Promote your USELESS so-called “SEO” gigs

Step 3) WHEN YOU FAIL… (no surprise!)…

Step 4) BEG the forum readers… i.e. the people you tried to SCAM… to help you.

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thanks for the tips) results will show here


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Reply to @janemaxy: Wow, you are really pissing off the Sheriffs! In case you haven’t figured it out from all the spankings you’ve gotten, hijacking threads with self-promotion is spam. Booooo!

BTW, hijacking photos of well-known celebrities as your profile picture doesn’t do much to instill trust.