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Traffic gigs are scams & would be denied on Fiverr [ARCHIVED]


Almost all Fiverr traffic gigs violate Fiverr ToS and are scams: sellers promise to buyers real human traffic, but in reality they are using a software plus a few proxies that generate http requests via different browser user agents.


i got tired of posting about this, fiverr usually just looks the other way and thakes the moneey. its kind of sad.


I ordered 8 times traffic to my websites

In each case it was junk .

Part of the time they returned my money

Some ignored and not even answer me.

Including one idiot who still sends me shit Traffic …

But he sends every four days or so about 800 clics, what a joke.

I wanted him to stop, it Becauses not worth the effort.

I think that anyone who wants to sell Traffic, have to prove first that it is real.

one person usually at the computer at home can not send Traffic more than 100-200 a day. Beyond that, he needs sites Network etc…

I’m not going to buy of Traffic from here again

I burned more than 50 bucks for it. :slight_smile:

Have a nice day


And the biggest paradox is that people buy traffic gigs a lot and will be buying and buying :D. Marketing category is the biggest i think.


There are 2 main factors:

  • a cheap price;
  • buyers don’t know these gigs will bring fake traffic.


Reply to @whitehatseo10: mostly second factor i think makes them buying thousands of gigs including myself lol


All clicks are vertically fake, that’s why I decided to offer the traffic tools itself and I explain to all clients what they are actually buying. Most buyers buy this gigs to rank higher on Alexa ranking.


You cant buy real human traffic! its just not possible, if you want traffic, then make your site seo optimized and start guest blogging or find sites where you can add your link in the content not in the comments. guest blogging should be one of the categories here in fiverr that is verey effective.


Do any official Fiverr staff members ever respond to these threads?

In my experience, every single traffic gig, backlink gig, and mainly any SEO gig in general are 100% illegitimate, at least the ones I have purchased.

I’m sure there are REAL SEO gigs, but they are few and far between. There is a lot of accounts that are owned by the same people as well, within this category, though I’m sure it happens with other categories as well.

I’ve seen numerous posts on IM forums explaining tactics on how to, essentially ‘screw’ gig money out of people.

I’d love to hear some feedback regarding this, publicly would be nice. I am also opening a support ticket to get a quicker response.


Reply to @grifmang: You are right. I tried to make one real seo gig but after 15 days I had some views on it but noone even contacted me about that. As it was gig about SEO advice, humanly written, not 5 tools turned on to generate 50 pages of report.

So actually people like to see a lot of big numbers what they get and that was not the case with my gig so I will delete very soon :slight_smile:


Traffic sellers are ALL scammers on Fiverr and should be banned.


Fiverr make big money with those scammers, I don’t really think fiverr will ban them.


In fact buying traffic gigs is the same like paying ‘stupidity tax’.
If one things that this helps he deserves to suffer.


it’s disgusting that fivver doesn’t do anything about this their website is absolutely flooded with people taking advantage of other people not being aware.


I also got trap with it, I placed an order for traffic gigs, they send me BOT/FAKE traffics with Proxy, and you can’t leave them BAD feedback, they will warn you indirectly.

Or if you leave them bad feedback they will send traffic to your website from SPAM’s or XXX reffer websites.

So nothing we can do as long as Fiverr staffs do a test with them.

And you can see they are the TOP RATED Seller.