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Traffic gigs

I made a few Traffic orders to my website from a several people here …

Sorry to post this but

they all provide Fake Traffic , even now I have someone that provides me fake Traffic, he promised to provide

Traffic every day for 2 months. and he provides a little traffic avery four days!! is not serious … , some people began to provide me Traffic, and after they start I told them,that is a fake traffic, they admitted that they used software to run Traffic.

the Management of this site should havehave to check more to see who works here.

This is the last time I’ll try to buy Traffic from here. You just can not believe anyone.

The point is that some buyers are not smart and they expect miracles for $5. But even if they are not smart people who try to cheat not smart buyers should be banned from this website.

I think that fiverr should start cleaning sellers database and leave only good ones. Mighty google killed a lot of BIG sites because of various problems. Fiverr is right now maybe the biggest marketplace of rubbish link building packages. Thousands of likes, views, traffic, link pyramids and so on…

It is a pitty because fiverr is really great website with a lot of great offers and would be good to make their offer even better. But I think they are trying to do that and will fix it by time.

hahha sending traffic to you ( what a joke )

19 years seo experience and programmer

1: google and other search engines sends you the traffic + refferals from other site (backlinks )

2: fiverr gigs that say will deliver xx traffic for $5 is fake , they use proxies to send request to your website using fake user-agents and so on your website analytics will se all those proxies , there is not benifit in all this and you are expecting real humans not fake proxies lol.

stay away , do some onsite keyword and description and title optimization and then watch how real traffic flow in from search engine without anybody.

so you are complaining about gettin scammed on a gig that cheats traffic? see the irony?

thenk you .

I expected that people who work under this site, that the “goods will be genuine”.

You just can not believe no one …they all promise to “send unlimited traffic…” …hhhh

A lot of bullshit…

and The funny thing is

That all their customers are happy, and recommend them …“Outstanding Experience”…

“Very pleased with service”…“SUPER HOT GIG FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS REAL TRAFFIC …” :slight_smile:

So true pawan213. It is unfortunate indeed because we, the buyers of services, rely on the feedback of other customers but this feedback seem to be also so dishonest. And the words ‘Guarantee’ means nothing to the supplier anymore.

Well Thanks, I believe you guys or the reason my gig got denied, I truly do help drive traffic to peoples websites, But My gig was taken down… Why because they don’t understand how it works… That’s just crazy I haven’t had any complaints or negative feedback they just do a review and take my gig for no reason… I don’t think this fair one bit… Come you guy I can tell what I do and how it works and everybody I do my gig for can do themselves and the don’t need me or my gig do they… Totally not cool fiverr… not cool at all… Look at all my positive feed back of people actually getting traffic from my gig… I mean I have ordered some gigs that promised to deliver traffic for me and the where scams… My gig was not a scam I use if to drive traffic to my own websites. Does anybody know how I can get a hold of fiverr support. I am really upset about this and would like a reason for my gig being denied… Just because they don’t know how or what I do to drive traffic does not mean it doesn’t work… Come on!

Almost all traffic gigs would be denied on Fiverr becasue almost all are scams…

maybe you should consider collab with other website for content to atract more users into your website, or create your own cool content. works for me ;D

May be you are right.

I think a lot of the traffic gigs are more tools for spamming your website, which doesn’t give you real customers in the long run. It’s easy to spam links and generate more “views”, but harder to deliver that link to a target audience that may actually be interested in your business and not look at you as just a spammer.

I’m here from 8 months. My gig traffic is so low. How can I increase real traffic of gigs?

i try ********
the same shit
you chenge the duration to 60 scond…
but you get visiters that stey in your site less then 5 second…
no activity in the website…

i have there Minutes: 43,469 …and do noting with this.

there are 2 types of traffic, real and bots, the real ones you get from web 2.0 sites, blogs forums etc, these sources stay longer and are more permanent.

The bot traffic simply helps your views and ranking on google by giving the impression that your site is busy.