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Traffic is dropping On all gigs!

All of my traffic on every one of my gigs has dropped I’m thinking the response rate is messing with EVERYTHING! If fiverr doesn’t get its act together with this new system they will be loosing revenue as well. Like the saying goes if it isn’t broken don’t fix it!

Malware hacks, Response Rate issues, Gigs not searchable by tags…not fun at all. Not motivating either.

Also, be sure to voice your opinion here:

I’ve had a massive drop recently. Saw a 40% drop in sales last month, and a further drop this month. Currently this month is looking like I’ll end up with about a 60% drop from sales in April, but then again most of those were at the beginning of the month (haven’t seen an order in almost a week which hasn’t happened in about 7 months). May end up being like 20% of the sales I got in April.

My impressions on my top gig dropped from 80k to 6k since April 11. Before response rate was implemented.

i wonder if this response rate has anything to do with this drop in sales? i have not had good sales this month and it’s really worrisome…

I really want to know what effect the Response Rate is having on my gigs visibility if at all. If it isn’t affecting visibility, then what is? I’m hurting!

I share the same sentiments with everyone here, since last week I have been noticing a trend in orders dropping.

Here is some explanation, if that’s what you call it…

check this out…

Reply to @inspiredtony: That’s nonsense. He is trying to push you away because they are overwhelmed with these messages. Keep swamping em with inquiries and maybe they’ll wake up…

I had the same exact thing happen to me, my gigs just randomly disappeared from the search results one day and my gig impressions dropped from 20k in 7 days to 2,5k in 7 days so I knew something was wrong and checked the search results immediately and noticed that they’re not there!

messaged customer support regarding this matter and got a very generic answer about my gigs not being in their editorial focus and apparently I’ve not followed TOS and my gigs were removed.

Mind me, getting an explanation from them as to what that means was one hell of a job, cause I got a copy paste message from “Irene” explaining nothing and not answering my question.

I got really mad and just told her to answer my question, after that my ticket was marked as “Solved” … I was well surprised and thought to myself this might be the worst customer service in the world!

After like 6 days I got a reply to my 5th ticket regarding the same matter and someone had claimed that I’ve done a copyright violation (which I know I haven’t done) and my gigs were removed from search because of that… ridiculous, right? they take customers comments too seriously, there are people who come on fiverr expecting to get $100 worth of work done for $5 and think they can conquer the world with their fiver and when they don’t… they get mad and do anything in their power to ruin the business that served them! so right now, I’ve decided to leave this platform and move on to doing my own thing, cause paying 20% for each order and $1 for each withdrawal is ridiculous anyway so it’s more like a slave market here… I’m done with this unfriendly slave like environment!

I wish people would open their eyes and stopped selling here, cause this place is SHITE!