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Traffic Leaks To Personal Sites On Profile Pages and In Demo Videos


I am new here and have been looking over other sellers pages. I have seen links to their personal websites many times with alternate payments offered. Even in their demo videos, they mention these sites. How is it these listings are not being pulled? I thought videos had to be approved before being accepted? Text I know you can change without it being approved, so I’m thinking they were approved then changed after. Another good reason why changes in text should be approved before going live. In messages, you get red warnings if you even type the word email or skype, yet on a profile page a .com address raises no such flags? Why is there not a report button on people’s profiles to report this?

Coming from the phone sex world as I do, I can tell you traffic leaks and redirecting clients is a bannable offense and I see plenty of them here. I certainly have my own sites with alternate payments as well, but there’s no mention of them on my page or video here, yet there are lots I have seen and it’s not fair for ones that play by the rules for these people to so flagrantly have these links to their personal sites. I think there needs to be a report button on people’s pages.

For ones that have sent in a report, does anything even get done, or is it just ignored? Pretty nervy if you ask me.


Just recently I sent Fiverr CS a message asking them about all the different links I seen in different descriptions and they replied that it depends on what type of gig it is if they will approve it or not.

Here is their response:

It depends on the Gig - if the Gig absolutely requires a link to either of those, then our moderators will approve it, otherwise it will be denied. Your best bet is to create the Gig, include the information you believe is necessary, our moderators will then review it. Please see our Terms of Service for more info:


I had a screenshot of someone’s page attached to this post, but then saw they don’t like you “calling out other members”, even though this was a flagrant leak. I emailed them with her link. It’s another voice over artist showing a link to her site of erotic recordings with alternate payments listed. Hey, I have such a site too, but I don’t have links to my site. The site has nothing to do with any gig here, she’s just looking for traffic to her main site, simple as that. You are not even allowed to offer adult stuff here, so she’s letting them all know. With most voice over people here using names easily searchable on Google that lead ones to their personal sites is one thing, if one’s look they can find us anyway, but to post a link outright, come on…