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hello people all right? could someone tell me what the best seller that offers human traffic to work with adsense without risk of banishment? bought a package of traffic but the result was not expected, I would like to suggestions of traffic that increases the active pagina.Esses were the traffic I received and did not like

olá gente tudo bem? alguém poderia me dizer qual o melhor vendedor que oferece trafego humano para trabalhar com adsense sem risco de banimento? comprei um pacote de trafego porém o resultado não foi o esperado,gostaria de sugestões de trafego que aumente o active da pagina.Esses foram o trafego que recebi e não gostei

traffic analysis on google analytics

This is a ridiculous post in any language!
Firstly, if you think there is a gig that will send you great traffic that will earn you more in adsense than you pay for it then you are seriously mistaken. If that was the case with any gigs, wouldn’t the sellers just send traffic to their own site and earn the money that way instead of selling it on Fiverr.
Secondly, you have a gig to sell traffic which is also ridiculous as the gig runs for 30 days but you deliver after 3 - makes your money back guarantee a little bit redundant. Also strange to be selling something you do not know about.
Finally, you use the word “gays” instead of days which does make your gig description a little funny to read.

You have to go to a bookmark backlinks and social bookmarks.

If you are using adsense. You have to branding your site like BBC

He really offers “Traffic for 30 gays”!!!

So he has what everybody wants: a real unique Gig on Fiverr!!

First laugh today. Thanks Eon!

If he also had a lesbian version, I would order. Always wanted lesbian girls to click on my AdSense.


There are still real human traffic gig on fiverr.
I also offer Traffic Service and which are safe for adsense, increase in Alexa Ranking, SEO etc
Basic, truth what most buyers doesnt understand, they believe if purchasing traffic will increase their Adsense revenue within twinkle of an eye, which is not… Its a gradual process… Check out my Gigs for more clarification.

Traffic spammy bots junk!