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Tragic News :(


Just got an awful news today… my 9 to 5 job’s company is closing down and this month will be the last month for us :frowning:

It’s hard in this economy to get a new job :frowning: and with all the mortgage and debts arrrgghhh…!

I could really use a TRS or a Featured right now :((


Good Luck!!

I’m lookin for a job too…


Good Luck Buddy :)>-


Hang on there… It’ll pass


Good luck! Think of it from a positive point of view, perhaps this is your chance to get a better job? :slight_smile:


So sorry to hear that :confused:


Best of luck! Things will get better trust me :slight_smile:


Wishing you all the best


Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you will find something soon, and hopefully you will get more sales in fiverr so that can help a little bit.

Cheers mate, things will get better.


I feel your pain :frowning: im hoping to be able to get something going soon cause right now i cant find a job in my trade :’(. good luck to you!


What’s with all this whining? I thought Obama said that the economy was doing great? Are you guys just trying to make him look bad?


Sorry for the bad news … perhaps you will look back next year at this time and say it was the best thing that ever happened. ;))


Thank you for sharing your bad news with us here.

While there are more candidates than there are open opportunities, you’re here on Fiverr so that says something about your willingness to “get out there” and "make something happen."

So while there are few guarantees in life…and sure to be some tough times ahead …even if only those fitful nights until you SEE the light at the end of the tunnel…

I do have confidence that you will make it.


Reply to @beatcraigslist: i live in canada…


Reply to @shawnecannon: Now that you mention that…we should have flags next to our names in the forum just like we do on the Fiverr site. It would sure make it easier to understand where a person is coming from that way. We each see the world differently depending on where we live.


Reply to @beatcraigslist: I agree


hugs Hang in there.


Good Luck!!

I’m lookin for a job too…


Good Luck Buddy :)>-


Hang on there… It’ll pass