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Transaction failed


hi guys, so yasterday evening made a payment using my credit card but transaction failed, second attempt same thing and 2 min after fiverr in maintenance etc… so i left it today 21/12 checkedd my bank statement and payment been taken twice!! it is still not gone through in pending


Visit the and try to submit a ticket.


ok thanks. but now seems like bulshitt is happening??? so here is my story i asked a seller to send me his order request so i can make the payment … payed through my card but transaction failed, tried again failed , clicked on fiverr and got a message fiverr in maintenance please be back later. that on on 21th December, at that time checked my bank statement and i seen two payment been taken out wtf!! so frustrating emailed fiverr… at the same time i used used another card pay for the gigs i ordered from fiverr and card worked that was on 21 of december checked bank statement and money been taken. but one day later on 22second i was just checking my bank statement in case and i see three payments been taken with the same amount plus card fee.
can fiverr support investigate immediate


Sometimes the decline isn’t seen on the banking end. I would recommend you talk to customer support but usually your bank will reverse the charge in a few days :slight_smile: Don’t worry too much about it though, customer service will help you for sure!


i did contact them though. on first card both failed checked bank, two payment been taken but shows as pending and havent checked since will do that straight tomorow. used another card and payment was sucessful checked my card and fund been taken so i said all ok, but today i checked and i just looked at it and payment been taken three times with the debit card fee.

dont they have livechat they should operaiting in a livechat


Customer Support doesn’t answer on the forum. You would have to go to as others recommended. You need to create one ticket and tell them what happened. They will investigate and get back with you.

No, I don’t think it can be immediate since they have hundreds or thousands of tickets and it is a holiday weekend for that region. If you are just a little patient and go to them through the correct channel, they will answer. I don’t know of any broad problems currently happening with payments and Fiverr has been very good about support buyers in this area, so I do not suspect any “bsh.” I would suggest speaking to Customer Support in a professional and polite way. They are too small an office to have 24/7 live chat, but they work hard to help users.


customer service even looking at the forum


No they don’t. As @fonthaunt mentioned you need to submit a ticket!


@minsssa To make sure you understand, the forum is a community for sellers and buyers to chat with each other. Customer Support is handled through the support team at

if you need more help:


do they answer on saturday sundays


They normally answer 24x7 but they might also be enjoying some holidays during the eve of Christmas and new year. Better see for yourself…


It seems like more people are complaining about payment issues since the maintenance, though. One of my buyers was accidentally charged twice yesterday (fortunately, that was resolved within a few hours; I’ve sent him a cancellation request for the second order, but before he got to see it, the order was cancelled by Customer Support; I don’t know whether he contacted Customer Support about it or not).


I understand there are sometimes glitches. I felt that the OP saying “bulls**” was happening implied that he felt intentionally mistreated. I don’t see evidence of any broadly applied mistreatment. I was trying to get that across more gently, but there it is. :wink:


I agree, I don’t see it either (unless we define mistreatment as not solving the issue instantly (preferably telepathically, without a submitted ticket), whatever it may be, and no matter how many other people are already waiting :stuck_out_tongue: ).

(Please feel free to edit this if you think I went too far. :smile_cat:)