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Transcription gig title

I am going to create new gig so wanna guidance about its title. I am setting the title as
" I will do fast video or audio transcription,your quality transcriber"
Is above title is Ok and attractive or not ? please guide me…
Any other suggestion would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


The end part of the title doesn’t really work. It feels clunky.

Removing the comma and adding in a preposition makes the title easier to read.

I will do fast video or audio transcription as your quality transcriber.

Fiverr recommends sellers use a powerful verb in their titles. If you want to follow that advice, you could write the following:

I will rapidly transcribe audio and video

You could even add in another adverb to capture the quality aspect of the original title:

I will rapidly and efficiently transcribe audio and video


Sorry to take your time because i don’t want to lose experienced suggestion from experienced person…:heart_eyes:
According my search there competitors are not using rapidly,efficiently word in title they are using fast , flawless, accurate , manually there for i chose that one
I will do fast video or audio transcription as your quality transcriber. this include more than 60 letters so what should i do…?

You don’t really need the “as your transcriber” part of your title, assuming you’re writing for humans, because it’s redundant. Anybody who offers to transcribe is by definition a transcriber.

You could express your selling points (fast and quality) in other ways, ways that are more eye-catching.

You could say something like

I will flawlessly (or accurately/manually) transcribe video or audio in X hours

This title could work well as buyers typically respond positively to concrete figures.

You could go for a light form of alliteration

I will transcribe video and audio fast and flawlessly

Or you could stick to the example we thought up in the earlier post. It’s not a bad thing that your competitors aren’t using certain words. You want to stand out from your competitors!

I will rapidly and efficiently transcribe video and audio

Go with a title that makes the most sense to you, even if that’s your original one. It’s best if a title is concrete and concise, but people succeed on Fiverr with titles that aren’t those two things. If you choose a title that doesn’t work well, no big deal. You can always change it later on.

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Try to put more keyword @ahmwritingco

Such as? :roll_eyes:

Fiverr advises sellers to use a consistent keyword in their title, description and tags. I’m not sure stuffing in more keywords has any effect on ranking. It could ultimately harm sales if it makes a gig harder to read (humans buy products after all, not machines).

I assumed the OP wanted to use the keyword “transcribe” but if he doesn’t, all of the titles can be edited slightly to include a different keyword, such as “transcription”.

E.g. I will flawlessly transcribe video or audio in 48 hours > I will create a flawless transcription in 48 hours.


There are lot of tips in the forum how to make gig, hope you will get information @maitasun

Oh, I thought you knew which keywords to exactly use, besides transcribe or transcription.

Anyway, thank you.

I imagine Fiverr penalizes sellers who use keyword stuffing because it’s an attempt to circumvent the system and try to get in front of audiences who don’t actually want/aren’t looking for via the stuffed words. This is why Google started penalizing people who use keyword stuffing in their SEO.

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