Transcriptionist trying to list


I’m putting this on here as someone asked me to move my original posting, but then after that person’s comment, I got a reply which unfortunatley didn’t answer my query at my original posting’s location. So I’m hedging my bets for a quick reply as I want to get listed soonest.

I am wanting to list my gig as offering transcription for 15 minutes in clear spoken english, or spoken medical audio (general mediine). I can’t find how to list this as the categories do not fit.

The nearest is perhaps writing and translation, but its not a translation service Im offering. but nothing at all fits in the second box’s category so I’m at a loss how to list it. None of your categories I can see listed fit my gig.

ie. if you select on gig listing ‘writing and translation’ there’s another box next door which doesn’t mention ‘transcription’ or anything at all like it. So what do you do?


The picture is worth more than words


definitely wasn’t there just a minute ago, but I’ve looked back again and now that option has appeared.

What is so stupid about transcribing audio??? As I’m new on here I might as well ask. Is it a bad thing to offer, Phantompower? After all, I notice you are offering transcription services as well as graphics.


You’ll get some of the most garbled audio files known to man from people who don’t read the gig and end up spending 200% of your time dealing with issues unrelated to transcription?

You’re basically a martyr tossing yourself on a funeral pyre at this point.


That was an example to show you that the option is there. As you can see my gig has a different title.


I just wish I knew what I know now when I was starting off. I used to transcribe 1hr for 5$. Then my priced jumped up by about 1000%.


Thanks for the tip-off Phantompower. I thought it was a very low wage as might be wrong, but I think about 20 mins of voice can mean an hour of transcription, so $5 is just above slave labour.

Any other hints you can offer are very welcome!



Don’t offer free transcription sample. If a buyer wants a sample then give them one of your previous work, if they tell you to transcribe the current file as a sample tell them to hit the road. You can always try outsourcing even though it ain’t that good of an idea.


True for lots of us at this time.


so does anyone here make enough to earn a living with your gigs or even half a living?


Yes. Some are making $100k+ a year. I am not one of them :slight_smile: (yet). That’s after Fiverr takes their 20%, btw.


yes Im making 100k zimbabwean dollars a year. By the way I had some orders from Zimbabwe the other day.


I am. I think it all depends on the exchange rate in your country, really. That’s why some can afford to work for a lot less but still manage a stable income.


Depends what you mean by a living, probably. I have low living expenses, so I earn enough to give me the cash I need and it gives me the time to spend on doing more satisfying things.


Do you how long it takes to transcribe 1 hr … Are you serious when you say you did it for $5 dollars? Maybe where you live, rent is $1 dollar and one can live with $5 for a month… I have seen some buyers proudly looking for someone to transcribe 3 hours audio for $7 and even demanding with confident and indirect threats that quality work is looked at closely… I thought it was a good joke, but now after seeing your post, I can see why they think they are doing you a favor when they put $7 for 3 hours… this is straightforward slavery … this makes me feel … we need come together and produce tutorial video for slaved freelancers to break their chains and be free or tell us the heavenly place they live in where $5 dollars do wonders and pays all the bills plus savings so that we join them…


I started at $5, just like everyone else here. It’s the smart strategy. If you want to call it slavery and ignore the long-term plan, sure, go ahead.

But if you could see the money I was making now, you’d reconsider. I do agree that freelancers, on the whole, tend to lowball the market–but the simple fact is that anyone with genuine talent who is prepared to work to learn more about marketing and all the other stuff that a successful freelancer needs to master will quickly overcome this.

Fiverr’s issue is that many see it as a “get rich quick” scheme then whine about slavery when their substandard work gets them substandard reviews… “unfair!” they cry; but this is a free marketplace. It has its flaws, but you are attacking the wrong ones.

After all, isn’t the age-old model of the apprenticeship to master model of work basically the same thing?

Do you also condemn that? Because if you don’t, then your argument has just disappeared in a puff of sulfur–a bit like a fart.


You get just as much as you are wiling to give on this site.
It does not come easy though in general.


You don’t go asking for big bucks when no one knows the quality of your work and about rent being 1 $ only a fool would think that. The ones who demand 3hours for 7$ get a different offer. If you think doing more work for less pay is slavery, I wonder what you think being colonized, getting shot at and having everything you own stolen is called.


First I am doing fine, and actually having unexpected success here, and I also started with $5 work that worth more, but that is not the point, I wasn’t referring to the poster, since he/she has learned along the way as many others did including me… I was just referring 1hr transcript is a lot of work, and I am actually happy he shared his/her story so that other can learn from it, I do still accept small jobs for $5 dollars, the $5 dollars itself was not my point, all I am saying is, I just wish people value their work and efforts, because it is not right, a good and professional freelancer to be taken advantage of… I wouldn’t care about those bad freelancers who offer the world for $5 dollars and end up frauding clients, but I do care about those who work hard and do great job and wish they would always value their work …


I get you, and you have learned along the way, I am happy you shared your experiences… I just know it is really hard work to do 1 hr transcript… many freelancers do more work for less money, honestly it is not about the money, it is about recognizing the value of your work… and sorry about the $1 dollar part, I was trying to be funny, but I can see it wasn’t funny… Wish you all the best.