Transfer Charges for paypal?


I’ve noticed than when I do a withdrawal of my funds from fiverr to my paypal, it is taking out anywhere from $5-12 from my withdrawal amount, that fiverr has already taken from completing an order. How much money do they really need to take from our hard work?
For example if I had $100 I will only receive $88-$95 in my paypal account.

Any information on why I’m losing so much money to what appears to be “hidden charges” will be great.


I am not sure but maybe that depends on your country due to the currency exchange.

I am in US and whenever I withdraw it only cost me $1.

Did you try other options such as payoneer or direct deposit?


No I haven’t yet. Im in the US as well. Ill try something different next time.


It might be the type of paypal account you have set up .


It should be only $1 per withdrawal.