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Transfer money directly into user's bank account


Hi there,

I think if Fiverr gives a feature to members that transfer money into their bank account directly, it would be great. So Sellers and also Buyers can directly transfer money between Fiverr and their bank. Fiverr can charge an amount for this service for their resources. When Fiverr members are grow up to a huge number then Fiverr can give this feature for free or for a some very small amount.

Thank you.

arnevb said: More withdrawal options would indeed be welcome



Reply to @bachas85: Why you don’t like to transfer money directly into your bank account? Don’t you withdraw money from your Paypal?

We no need to share info with fiverr. Just link the bank account. It is only account number. :smiley:


Some of our Indian seller friends have an option to Directly Wire money to their local bank via Payoneer, I imagine they are beta testing it for rolling this out fully.


Reply to @ozzieuk: Yes we do, but the withdrawal charges are a bit on the high side. That’s why I prefer Paypal :slight_smile:


Paypal might be another level of protection for buyers and sellers at this time. I would agree that more withdrawal options might be good, as long as they’re secure.

Fiverr is a work in progress. I bet we’ll see interesting new features along the way.

I can deal with a couple weeks as long as it’s reliable in the end. It often takes two or more weeks to get paid in a regular hourly job too.


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I am able to see the local bank transfer option, but they are charging $5.95 per transaction :open_mouth:


Reply to @varun_karkhanis: I believe Indian users are able to request bank transfers. It is through Payonneer or something like that. Everywhere else–from what I understand–are only able to opt for PayPal or the Fiverr card.


Additional options for withdrawal would be most welcome. -


Direct deposit is available, though we will not use it when needed.

On top of Fiverr’s cut of 20% of sales, it charges $1 USD per DD transfer. It should use its 20% to cover this and simply set a minimum amount before DD is usable if without a fee.

Fiverr is likely gathering interest for all sales in its own account(s) somewhere until funds are paid out to the seller… and if not, well, that is poor money management. PayPal has certain issues in this area as well, but it does far better.


any extra charges will happen for this option