Translate fiverr - have it available for other languages


Fiverr is really cool. Thank you to all these great sellers here!

I love the work some of the seller deliver and the passion they invest in their special field. These little works really help me to cover my blind spots in daily business. But there is one handicap with fiverr: It´s only in English.

Honestly, there are people with worse English than mine out there. But still, it would be much easier for some tasks to explain them in German. And I would also look for someone to write for my blog fragglesrock, but of course it has to be in German as well.

Wasn´t there a German fiverr page planned?

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I thought there was a maybe that was something else? L-)


It would be cool to at least have sections for other languages.

#4 was a question in 2010, but it seems they never finished it.

Sections would be cool, or a possibility to show on which language to communicate. Or if gigs could also be done in other languages, something to sort by languages.