Translate your profile in French


What do you think about the new opportunity: translate in French your profile. Fiverr wants to attract French speakers.

I think, as a translator (Eng, Fr, Ita), that is a great opportunity.


But, translating the profile, will it make it in french for alll buyers or french for french buyers and appears in english for americans and people who speaks english ?


How speaks French will see the profile in French. For the others, only English.


I think it’s a similar thing as on FB. There you can post – as long as you got an official page – in different languages, so your followers can read the posting in their own language (if you posted in their language).

But, where did you see this option?


Setting - Public profile setting.

Scroll down you’ll se the option: tell something about you (French). But I think that not all can see this option, but only if you have something in your gig correlate with French.


Thanks. I found the section, but it’s not visible for me. I guess, since I’m not a French native-speaker, I can’t change it. But maybe it’s a new option which will be rolled out in the next weeks/months.


Qui parle Français? J’ai besoin de faire une vidéo en français


You can ask in ‘Buyer Requests’ if there’s anybody who can create a video in French for you. :sunny:


Ok thank you Bonne soirée