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Translated Gigs will be handled as separate Gigs ;-)

Hi Community,

today I received this message via “internal Fiverr communication channel”. I see advantages, and disadvantages as most times, when changes are made :slight_smile:

"We are reaching out to you since you have translated Gigs, which are active.

On 22/03/2016, we are disabling the option to translate your Gig.

We are aware your translated Gigs may have received positive feedback and built a reputation, and we would like to help you keep it.

We will be separating the original Gig and the translated version, along with their statistics, into two separate Gigs.

Keep in mind, all Gig edit features, such as pricing factors, packages, and so on will be available."

Interesting. Thanks for posting about it.

I got notified a few minutes ago. Personally, I see it as something that’ll be quite damaging for me in the long run, since I work a lot with customers who speak either Spanish or English, but not both languages. This means I’ll end up with 2 low-rating gigs instead of a single high-rating one (with unified ratings).

I also have my worries about how they’ll handle the division. If they divide the ratings depending on the language in which each customer ordered the Gig, my hard-earned 116-reviews Gig will turn into something like a Gig with 85 reviews, and one with a measly (after so much effort) 31, which will significantly lower my chances to get hired by English speakers… no bueno :frowning:

As far as I understood, the existing Gigs will be separated, so they keep both the ratings they have gotten to this point. If so, I think this is a really great solution for sellers, not starting from “0” :slight_smile:

But new Gigs - for sure - will start from 0, but, hey thats life on Planet Fiverr, on every sales platform, also for every newbee it works exactly that way :slight_smile:

In my case this would mean EN & ES Gigs will go ahead with the ratings they have, and for sure I have to create new ones in German, starting from 0 votes. But as everybody has returning, open minded customers, this can be communicated quickly to them imo :slight_smile:

Let´s wait till it is implemented and then let´s make our conclusions :slight_smile:

Ok. Now it is gone live. Translated Gigs are separated form the previous “mother Gig” and fully editable. Works perfect as far as I could check that till now.

Hello to me in particular I really do not like this change, I do not understand how it can affect search engine in English and Spanish, this means I’ll to have two published gig rolling on the page?

Profile and also I will to have two gig per publication?

Absolutely. It is weird, that the Gigs in both languages appear in the profile. But well, the profile is just in english, having the profile in several languages could be a solution.

As I know Fiverr is working atm on several localizations, may be this feature will come…

I played a bit around with the Fiverr search engine and this works. Fiverr Spain shows my spanish Gigs, FIverr EN the english ones.