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Translation Gig Denied!



Today I got an email from Fiverr telling me that my Two year old Gig offering translation services was removed… and that I should create a new one.

The reason they mentioned is

By taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) you are actively taking part in a violation of the integrity code of most, if not all, schools and academic institutions. This behavior can lead to the suspension or expulsion of students. Fiverr does not allow taking part in such fraudulent activities.

I am not doing homework, I am offering a professional translation service. Ihave been doing this for more thn two years without any problems… I have translated books… documents and many more things.

The worst part is that I can´t even see my gig to see what is going on… I already had two years worth of califications and reviews…

This is awful… two years ago when they deleted all translated gigs… I also lost a lot of reviews…

I am a leve 2 seller… I have rejected work because they offer me doing it outside Fiverr… and now this…

Has anybody of you passed through this?


Hi Mino, what exactly did you offer in your gig title and description? And why did they delete your translation gigs already two years ago?

From which to which language(s) was your gig for?


I just offered that Translation Spanish - English English Spanish.

My gig got deleted… because back in 2015 you could have a translation of your gig into other languages. All of gig were translated also into Spanish. Ratings were separated.

In 2016 they decided to delete that option… all my Spanish Translated Gigs were deactivated…and all the reviews were lost. They should have merged the two of them so you could save your reviews… but… well.


Ah, yes, I see.
Did your gig description mention any words like homework, essay, academic etc., or did you do any job recently that might have been someone´s homework or academic work without you really realizing it?


…paper… That looks like an innocent word, but it might have triggered something, possibly even if it wasn’t in the gig description, and was only mentioned on the order page.


No… again I can´t see my gig… and It just a translation service.

What pisses me the most is the fact that I canñt edit my gig… The only action I can see is to delete it.

Again… it has been running for more than two yeard with no problem!


It doesn’t mean anything, some things were allowed at first, but were later forbidden (likes, followers, reviews, homework…).

Have you tried contacting Customer Support, with an explanation that your gig was only meant for professional translations like books, and not for anyone’s academic work?


Yes, sure, but you probably can remember what your description might have said; there have been several posts of sellers a while ago, from the writing category, who had things like “I do not write essays” or something and had gigs denied as apparently the simple presence of the word, even if they said they do not offer that service in their gigs, triggered that.

Either way, like Cat said, I´d also ask them for something more concrete to find out what exactly the problem is.


I am already in conersations with them…

Nevertheles… let´s suppose that there is misplaced word…

You should give the option to edit the gig and resubmit.


If you could find out what exactly led them to that decision of denying your gig, perhaps then you can explain to them that, for example, you were not aware that some translation you did was someone´s academic work - that may be obvious to see in some cases, in others not so much.

I wouldn´t give up until I found out what it is.

Well, good luck! If you find out what exactly the problem is/was, it would be great if you´d update here, for other translators.



I won´t I already contacted them!

I will post updates here


There had to be something either in the title or gig description that mentioned or alluded to academic work. I had a song translation gig of mine paused, but was given an explanation by CS as to why, and it was because the wording alluded to helping teachers with translations and that didn’t pass review. I went ahead and made the adjustment and it’s smooth sailing.


@andycancun but they allowed you to make the change?


I was informed of the temporary suspension of the gig, made the change immediately, and was back online within an hour or two. I have had great service from CS.


First they came for the proofreaders…