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Translation Gigs Missing, Gone, Inaccessible!

Old accounts don’t seem to have this problem.

But with new Fiverr accounts, when you go to Writing & Translation → Translation or if you search for “translate english to german, etc.”.

It goes to this page:

It’s as if access to translation gigs has been removed or at least made difficult.

I can still see recommendations for translation gigs, and if I click on them I can access them normally. But I cannot search for them. Everything takes me to the new translation service which I do not want. The old system for translation gigs is simply missing, gone, inaccessible.

What kind of a bug is this? How can I access the old translation gigs?

I am trouble because of this as I cannot search for these gigs anymore.

Please, help.


I had a chat with them but have to say I am not happy with Fiverr. They are making a lot of changes to their platform without informing their users.

This has happened in the past.

I’ll attach the whole transcript below. But basically, the only ‘hack’ at the moment is to clear your cache/cookies, and then try doing a search in a format like so: “Language to Language translation” and if your lucky you get the normal gig results page.

You won’t be able to navigate to page two or more.

And “there’s nothing they can do about it”.


Chat started: 2021-02-04 07:58 AM UTC

(07:58:57 AM) Business Team: Hi, welcome to the Fiverr Business live chat! How can I help?
(07:59:25 AM) shantiahina: I am trying to access this page: “h----://” but it is redirecting me here: “h----://”.
(07:59:42 AM) *** Rob joined the chat ***
(08:00:04 AM) Rob: Hi there!
(08:00:05 AM) shantiahina: Hi. That was a reply to a previously disconnected chat.
(08:00:17 AM) shantiahina: The original question is this one:
(08:00:18 AM) shantiahina: Hi, welcome to the Fiverr Business live chat! How can I help?
Hello. I am trying to search for translation gigs, but everything is redirecting me to some new “professional translation” service which I am not interested in. I’d just like to access the old, existing translation gigs.
(08:01:22 AM) shantiahina: Visitor uploaded: Freelance_Translators_for_Hire___Translation_Services___Fiverr.jpg
URL: h----://
Type: image/jpeg
Size: 185824
(08:01:24 AM) Rob: Please bear in mind that in Fiverr Business you will be recommended only the best sellers, and to make a search as you did before I would advise you to search while logged out.
(08:01:40 AM) shantiahina: Normally it looks like that.
(08:02:31 AM) shantiahina: The same happens even if I am logged out.
(08:02:57 AM) shantiahina: When I try to search for a language pair for translation it redirects me to this page:
(08:03:11 AM) shantiahina: Visitor uploaded: diasdhsuadas.jpg
URL: h----://
Type: image/jpeg
Size: 111619
(08:03:58 AM) Rob: The search in Fiverr Business is optimized differently than in a regular account. Please bear in mind that the relevant team could have changed the name of categories and the one you are used to seeing might not be there anymore.
(08:04:35 AM) shantiahina: This is happening on regular accounts too.
(08:04:57 AM) shantiahina: If they are newly created.
(08:05:17 AM) shantiahina: You can access translation gigs if you go to them directly. But you cannot search for them.
(08:10:27 AM) shantiahina: A friend has an old Fiverr Business account and for him searching translation gigs works normally, no redirect.
(08:10:39 AM) Rob: If you want me to I could recommend a seller to you and make this process much easier.
(08:11:07 AM) shantiahina: I am just looking for an answer to my question.
(08:11:45 AM) shantiahina: It looks a lot like Fiverr is phasing out translation gigs or testing out a new service that new users are being redirected to…??
(08:12:52 AM) Rob: Please bear in mind that this could be a bug and we would need to send this to the relevant team. Also, even if Fiverr is testing something that would be a piece of internal information that we would not be able to share with you.
(08:14:06 AM) shantiahina: OK. It’s just a real pity because If I don’t have access to the search function of translation gigs, then it’s a no deal
(08:15:12 AM) shantiahina: So is it possible to “send this to the relevant team”…?
(08:16:35 AM) Rob: Yes, but before I do, I would need you to replicate the issue in Chrome incognito mode and send me a video with the issue presented there. Also, I would need information about your system, browser, and adblocks or firewalls.
(08:17:34 AM) shantiahina: Can you wait a bit
(08:17:49 AM) Rob: Sure thing.
(08:25:48 AM) shantiahina: uploading mov files is not supported
(08:26:01 AM) shantiahina: also, couldn’t login to fiverr in incognito mode
(08:28:14 AM) Rob: Unfortunately, we would need the video in mp4 format and you would need to be logged in incognito mode via Chrome. This is a standard procedure, otherwise, it will be presumed that the issue is originating from your system and browser.
(08:28:48 AM) shantiahina: your site is refusing login in Chrome incognito mode.
(08:29:44 AM) shantiahina: Visitor uploaded: djdasidisa.jpg
URL: h----://
Type: image/jpeg
Size: 133305
(08:30:45 AM) Rob: Have you enabled cookies?
(08:31:22 AM) shantiahina: One moment please
(08:37:38 AM) shantiahina: done
(08:39:04 AM) Rob: Can you try again and send us a video in mp4 if the issue is still there?
(08:39:29 AM) shantiahina: One second
(08:39:50 AM) shantiahina: h----://
(08:42:38 AM) Rob: Thank you. I tried this from my side as well and it acted the same.
(08:42:58 AM) Rob: But, try this. Just do the regular search from starting page.
(08:43:02 AM) shantiahina: h----://
(08:43:17 AM) Rob: Do not first category and subcategory.
(08:43:42 AM) Rob: While on the home page, search for English to Japanese translation.
(08:44:16 AM) shantiahina: Same result.
(08:44:48 AM) shantiahina: The second video I sent you shows a somewhat similar scenario…
(08:44:53 AM) Rob: Can you please make a video of this as well?
(08:45:48 AM) shantiahina: It’s the same result, I already tried it.
(08:46:17 AM) Rob: And when you are logged out?
(08:46:47 AM) Rob: Also, try to clear cache and cookies and search from the homepage or starting page without login in.
(08:47:03 AM) Rob: I did it this way and was able to do the search.
(08:50:05 AM) shantiahina: Moment please
(08:51:24 AM) shantiahina: It worked once… now I can’t get it to work again…
(08:52:25 AM) Rob: I believe that the cookies and cache save that you search in a certain category and then the search by default takes you there.
(08:54:57 AM) shantiahina: If I clear cookies and then quickly search for it before the page loads, then it can access the gig search results.
(08:55:12 AM) shantiahina: But this is hardly a solution…
(08:57:51 AM) shantiahina: And if I click to the second page… I am back to the new translation page…
(08:58:22 AM) shantiahina: So what’s next? :slight_smile:
(08:59:52 AM) Rob: Unfortunately, it appears that the system is now set up this way and there is not much we can do about it than trying to bypass it by clearing cache and cookies every time.
(09:00:30 AM) shantiahina: Is it please, possible to forward this to the relevant people to have a look at/get a response from?
(09:02:33 AM) Rob: I can only send them a suggestion to change it back and they will look into this but they do not provide reverse feedback. That is all that I can do at the moment.
(09:03:01 AM) shantiahina: OK. Can you PLEASE do that then.

In the meantime unfortunately I have no choice but to explore alternative services…
(09:05:00 AM) Rob: I will make sure that they recieve your suggestion. Can I assist you with anything else?
(09:05:11 AM) shantiahina: OK. No thanks. Thank you very much and have a nice day.


I have not read more on this but I think they will return with a result page with recommendation based on their algorithm?

The text count is helpful sometimes, if buyer decides to do $5 / 500 words :joy:

I share your concern but I think most of the buyer will type in the search field… Instead of clicking into the categories like that.

Also “get an instant quote”, seems to suggest to find translators that are online at the same time.

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If you want to search for translation gigs the old way couldn’t you use another browser for that that was not logged in or maybe an incognito tab in Chrome if that would work.

eg. if you’re logged in with Chrome you could use a logged out version of Firefox to search for translation gigs in the old/normal way then if you find one you want to order from you could copy the URL of that gig into a logged-in Chrome tab and order there.

Or maybe there’s a way to log out of Fiverr business and into the normal Fiverr so it would work the normal way.

This might explain why my understanding is off…

Because I don’t see that page (and assume I’m an “old user” that she was referring to).

Fiverr business seems to be about teams buying for their business:

so if you’re not part of a team of buyers from the same business it won’t be applicable I think.

So in Fiverr business they seem to do things differently, eg. based on the original post and maybe have less choice of sellers though that (since only their recommended ones get shown I think) and also that translation search works differently in it currently.

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That’s interesting to know. I didn’t expect their interface to be entirely different :joy:

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I haven’t actually used it - I’m just going by things like that link and his screenshot.
In his screenshot in the OP the top menus seems very similar to the normal Fiverr (just with things like lifestyle menu removed - unless it’s not showing the full screen and “business operations” where the “business” menu used to be) and the different translation search but I’m sure there’s other things like the limited amount of gigs/sellers in it.

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Thanks for your replies.

Seems this has been fixed now.

So this page:


Is working normally for

  • (1) logged out accounts
  • (2) new non-business accounts
  • (3) old business accounts.

If you open a new business account it redirects you to:

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