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Translation Gigs Pricing Model

Dear Fiverr Translators,

We’ve been working on a new pricing model that will make it easier for you to price your Gig services. As we start developing this new model, we want to get your input.

Download this PDF, for details on the new model, and open it with Adobe Acrobat. If you want to see the Advanced Model or the Extra Fast added to the simulation, please select the relevant checkboxes.

Please share your thoughts in this thread. We look forward to hearing from you!

Are you really from Fiverr? If so, why don’t you have that ‘Fi’ icon?
I’ve just flagged your message as spam, because of the link, and then thought that it might be legit…

@belengarcia, @kjblynx, Adi is a PM at Fiverr (we fixed her badge). This is a legit call for feedback.

I love this new idea and would very much welcome the change.

Unfortunately, somehow I couldn’t view it…

I think it’s a great idea. I deliver my basic gig in 24 hours, and some buyers who want large translations, instead of adding extras (and days to the deadline), just add up several basic gigs, and I end up with a 10x gig order that I have to deliver in 1 day.
So anything that helps avoid that has my blessing.

I’d love to read it, but it doesn’t seem to load on a Chromebook. Waah.

I wish I could use that system in my writing gigs.

I hate when a buyer orders 4 or 5 gigs at the same time, and I have to deliver in the time I would usually take for 1 gig. I had to increase my delivery time to 5 days for that reason.

Hi :slight_smile:
Thanks Fiverr. What a lovely idea! That system would be great for voice-over gigs too.

I often need to pause my voice-over gig because of this issue. I have had a buyer who ordered a whole translating software at once that took me 11 days to deliver. Since then my average delivery time shows as 8 days although I had set it to 4 days and during 2 years I have always delivered sooner than the deadline.

thanks ;:wink:

I can’t wait to see this implemented in other categories and subcategories.

nice info to get start on, i been doing this for a couple of days a i got no idea how to put pricing and the delivery time thanks !! o//

Very interesting

This type of form should be set as “TEMPLATES” for gigs and for order requirements, if you want to truly help the Fiverr community I would say develop templates for those sellers who are having a hard time with their advertising.

One of the things you should do is have an option for sellers to choose if they want to add the sum of the days for multiple gig quantity or leave it as is.

So I don’t have to tell my buyers to please order individual orders so the timer won’t say “24 hour to deliver 100 gigs” because they ordered multiple quantity…

and to limit the order quantity per individual customer so I can be fair to customers who want either 1 gig from me or 100 gigs from me, they have to wait for me to deliver all those gigs to them. I treat all my customers the same and offer the same quality and satisfaction.

This is my number one reason I have so many mutual cancellations.

Reply to @thecreativeguys: Did you try to open it with Adobe Acrobat? Since it’s a fillable PDF it won’t work on your browser.

Reply to @adi_so: I realized afterward :slight_smile: Yes, I viewed it! It won’t apply to me since I don’t offer translation, but why can’t it also apply to writing gigs itself?

Reply to @thecreativeguys: We will create similar models for other subcategories as well. Do you have any comments I should take under consideration when working on it?

Reply to @adi_so: What about an option in which a seller can add multiple languages or even for voice over multiple accents to choose from?

Reply to @annai80: You can set it under your Gig description in Gig Edit page.

Reply to @adi_so:
WOW! I think it gives a better and straightforward idea to both the buyers and sellers at the same time, wonderful! Way to go Fiverr!!