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Translation sellers don't be scammed!

Hello everyone! I’m Zeeshan from India. I’ve started working as a freelancer from a very long period. I’ve done several work on Upwork and currently I’m new to Fiverr.

I’ve recently seen a new activity which I believe is a scam. As a translation seller you’ll receive offer from buyers for XYZ words of translation. You’ll be asked to sign some forms and complete some tests to prove that you’re qualified enough. You’ll feel like everything is fine. NO!

What actually happens is you’ll complete some translation for them in form of QUALIFICATION TEST or SAMPLE WORK which in reality is project of their clients!

I’ve seen this kind of jobs on Upwork and now I received one such buyer offer on Fiverr. They’ll take tests and samples translated by you and never get back to you again! I’m telling this from my experience with such jobs before. (4 or 5 jobs to be precise)

They also have websites to make you believe that they are real translation companies. To save your selves from such scams, never do any free sample work or tests.

That’s it.