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I am looking to have my book blurbs translated from English to various other languages. Unlike all the other services, the tips in hiring the right seller is tricky, to say the least. There is no way for me to evaluate their service - since I do not speak that language.

Lurking around the forum long enough, I’ve found a German translator that I am confident will do a great job, but the few Spanish speakers - well they happen to do anything/everything except translation. I am hoping to translate into six different languages.

Translating vs interpreting my writing, to make sense, are two completely different things. Anyone have any tips/advice on how to filter through the hundreds or thousands, in some cases, to find the right person who doesn’t use “Google Translate?”


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Hi Gina!
(Secret Tip)-> Have a complex pargagraph translated by a professional of your choice. Then use google translate to translate it yourself. Then you utilize your 2 SAMPLES to figure out who is using Google translate and who is doing it right.


Google Translate does a terrible job :wink: My advice would be to let another seller proofread the article if you are unsure.


Hi Gina :slight_smile:

That´s not so easy actually. I had a customer who had been scammed by a ‘google translator’. More than one actually and unfortunately, but he had a German friend check the translation and found out quickly that way.

Best and easiest option would be, if you have friends or acquaintances who either are French/Spanish themselves – they’d most probably be able to tell if a translation was done by a native speaker, or at least sounds like it was, or are fluent enough with those languages to be able to at least tell you if it is a machine translation or was done by someone who definitely isn´t a native speaker or on native speaker level.

If you don´t know anyone, or only people you´d not like to ask, getting the opinion of another translator/proofreader might be the second best option indeed, I actually had someone in my inbox once asking for my opinion on a text that had been translated into German by someone, that method is a bit iffy though obviously, if you don´t know/trust the person you ask to check the translator’s work any more than the translator. :wink:


There is a seller named @fastcopywriter who is a TRS and I think is fluent in Spanish. I’m on mobile on dicey internet so I haven’t checked yet to see if he does translation. I was thinking even if not, he might know someone else good. He’ll get a notification so maybe he’ll respond here. :slight_smile:


@djgodknows: Is that your way of saying you are verse in four languages?


@miiila: That is exactly what I am afraid of will happen. Well, they say it takes money to make money, so I’ll have take your and dj’s advice: experiment!


I actually AM well versed in 4 languages, but not the ones on the list.:nerd: (i actually don’t wear glasses either… lol)


Prove it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


see… no glasses…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy::joy:


@fonthaunt: I was thinking of him too. He doesn’t do translation service.

I actually know a bit of Spanish but only to know what is being said, not if it’s being worded correctly - which I think is worse than not knowing anything.


por que no habla espanol mamacitas?:wink::yum:


Oh, but he does! I saw a post he did on this forum in response to someone.

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen him around lately. He’s probably busy making lots and lots of $$$.

I need to take a lesson from him and quit messing around on this forum and finish up that book that I’ve been working on for the past six months!!


I actually said,
Why do you not speak spanish mamacitas?”


Oh, dj, if you only knew what I did for a living, you wouldn’t be calling me ‘mamacitas’ - :wink:

PS: I said un poquito Español. I took Spanish in college, received straight A’s - needless to say, I can read it better than understand the spoken words. Writing it - oh, I don’t think so …


Hi, I did get a notification. Who needs a translation/adaptation or proofreading of Spanish?


@fastcopywriter: OP (@gina_riley2) does, look at the first post.


Hello Gina, I understand both languages really well, I sent you an offer, I won’t use something like Google translate, I promise that I’ll do my best to try and capture the feelings that you had when you wrote it in English and translate them to Spanish.


Hi Gina, how long are these book blurbs? I can translate one to Spanish. Send me a message since I don’t have a gig for translations. I will send you a custom offer instead.


Love this new forum!

It is a 658 word blurb.