Translations from English to Italian and viceversa!


Hi there! Name’s Max, I’m a student from Italy. I study Brokerage and Translatology in University; I’ve been swimming in this Gigs ocean for a couple of weeks or so and I’m hoping to create a small business around here. I realize how my services might not be what people is exactly looking for, but hey! You’ll never know if you don’t try, right?

I’ve been speaking, writing and reading English since I was 10, so I can say I know the language rather well.
I’m going to be honest with you: I can’t say I’ve had years and years of experience in translating like some people around here have, but I’ve been using English to communicate so much in my life to a point that it has become extremely natural to me, and I’ve even almost completely lost my Italian accent as I speak it.

What I can promise is a good quality work: by those words I don’t mean the usual “I’ll professionally translate your text”, for I believe that being professional about it is kind of implied since the first place.
What I mean is that I will put a lot of effort in my job: first I will carefully read and understand your text, its eventual message, the audience it’s supposed to have; I will begin translating as soon as I am sure about the ground I’m walking on.
I will do everything I can to mantain the content and message unchanged and equivalent, also making sure not to use forms and sentences which would sound harsh or unusual in the language I’ll be translating the text to.

I’m not entirely sure I’ve used this section correctly, so forgive me if I haven’t.

If you should need any translation, or writing a text in Italian from scratch, or anything else that you think I could be able to do, Contact Me so we can talk about it! I aim to satisfy my costumers, therefore I will never accept a job that I couldn’t be able to finish, so fear not: I will be honest, polite and cooperative.

Hope to hear from you!

Best regards.