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Trash translation from English to Chinese

Actually, I’m a Chinese guy doing business in USA. We have one manual needed being translated from English to Chinese. It’s sure I can deal with it, but I have other project to finish. So I did a task to one seller in Fiverr. Finally, it’s translated by top rated seller in Fiverr, but *******, the sentence is a little bit better than google translator. That’s why I leave a 3 star on review.
What I can’t imagine is that the seller gave me 1 star as feedback. Then I gave one example, you translate “remove headlights” to be “delete headlights”, but she told me it should be based on context. WTF!!! AM I STUPID OR IS SHE STUPID?
So be careful, when your translation content is important, please don’t find one in Fiverr, because you couldn’t understand what they translated.

reply by myself, xd

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Stupidity is in the eye of the beholder. Replying gibberish to oneself could be an example.

Since I am a translator, allow me to hop in…
When it comes to translating, it is very scary in my opinion. I have seen tons of horrible translations by people who claim to be professionals ( and I am guessing their clients have no idea how bad/wrong the translation is), and several years ago I was asked to translate a content for a website…for a translating company! It said stuff like “All of our translators are well trained professionals, blah blah blah…” and I was sitting there thinking “Wow, then why the heck are you not asking your so-called professional staff to translate the website instead of asking me, a complete stranger on Fiverr…”

Since I have seen so many bad translation examples, I get quite paranoid when I ask for translation jobs myself to other people. They must be people I know directly and can trust, and personally I will never use an online service or a translation firm.

Having that said, I do want to prove to people out there that there are plenty of skilled translators, and that I take great pride in my work.

I’m sorry to hear that you had this unpleasant experience, but please don’t think that all translators here are sh*tty.

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The other buyers probably don´t speak Chinese at all, or only speak either a little English or Chinese, so they thought the seller has done a great job. But it is not fair when someone tells other people to not order from this site just because he/she had a bad experience with one seller.

I bought a Chinese 250cc scooter once and it was actually not bad for the price! The translated stickers were awesome. “Do not turn throat without oil.” “Do not put puppies and babies in trunk.”

I’ve never understood the rage over one transaction that didn’t go great. Well, except where there are big $$$ involved, but I wouldn’t do a large gig with a new seller or buyer.


It’s really a poor reflection on that seller that she couldn’t simply apologize for doing a bad job and give you a refund when you mentioned such a dumb mistake on her part.


Confucius say… best way to keep your word is not to give it. :stuck_out_tongue: