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Traumatizing fiverr experience(please help!)

I am posting for my friend ******, she recently had a TRAUMATIZING experience from a PRO Fiverr book writer She purchased two book order jobs from this writer only to find out that 60 percent of the first book was plagiarized. As a result, she cancelled the both book order and upon cancelling the money was refunded(almost a thousand dollars) and put into her account; however after two days; the money disappeared completely. When reaching out to customer support she has been given the run around(some replies from Fiverr that she has received have been to contact her service provider, take a survey, and that she has spent the money on 30 orders that do not exist). None of these orders are in her account or accounted for. This has been one of the MOST TRAUMATIZING EXPERIENCES for her using Fiverr. Ultimately this is a thousand dollars STOLEN from her Fiverr account. This situation has made her ANXIETY go through the roof and halted all the projects that she was working on. She needs help to RESOLVE THIS SITUATION IMMEDIATELY(PLEASE HELP!!).
Thanks in advance

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Wow… I’m really feeling bad for her
I don’t know why most times fiverr do stuffs like this
it’s really traumatizes me too
Please help me tell her someone here is really sorry

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Although I don’t think there is anything that can be done since customer service is not trying to help

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First things first: please remove the seller name as it’s not allowed on the forum.

I’m really sorry to hear this, I only can imagine how stressful this situation.
Did your friend check if her account was hacked? Did she try to change password?
Did she check the “orders” tab to see if those orders that fiverr is referring to really exist?

I would also advice to ask support to escalate this matter to invistigate this situation further.


Thank you sooo much for responding, what is the best method to escalate the situation?

Customer support can help. Other than that, nothing else.

File a ticket here:
Just as a caution, this could take weeks to resolve, just to warn you so you can brace for it. I don’t know much about anxiety, but I’ve heard that it helps to know if something may take longer than expected.


That is exactly how it sounds to me.

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