Travel - With Oranje


Where have you been in the world??

What place in the world would you want to go to right now if someone gave you a ticket to go, all expenses paid…

Lets chat here about TRAVEL and the love of all the amazing places out there in the world.


I’ve been to a lot of places. Unfortunately that usually involved getting on a plane, having someone pick me up and doing what I had to do, then leaving, so I haven’t seen much but I have been all round Europe, India, Most of the middle east and the near east and places in between and have been in a business jet hit badly by lightning as it was approaching to land, been in the cockpit when a student pilot was having their test…and nearly crashed… a 727 full of passengers… seen people trying to cook food on a plane, yes really, and other seriously crazy stuff.


@markp - Sounds horrifying lol!

So far we have survived to Tsunamis and the Eye of the Sandy Hurricane.


So next on our list is Miami.

We are addicted to Burn Notice and I swear when we walk around Miami I am going to know my way around just because I have watched that much Dexter and Mr. Westen.