Traveling while selling on fiverr


I was curious about traveling while continuing to work on fiverr. Has anyone done this? I am also interested in a portable satellite internet connection and was wondering if anyone has experience with these, and if they are reliable.


Personally, if I’m gone for a while on a trip, I take my laptop. Usually, where I travel to has an internet connection, either at my destinations, or in a hotel, so I tend to have the option of working online when I need to. I also do my best to minimize all orders ending during my time away, so that anything I do have to work on is moderate at best.

I also have all of the software on my usual office computer, installed on that laptop as well. For me, this allows a seamless transition between home and away computer work.

I would imagine that a portable satellite internet connection would certainly make this kind of process even more efficient.


Why work when you are traveling? Just have fun!


How do you make sure your laptop is not stolen from your hotel room? Some hotels have room safes but they are usually too small for a laptop or do you not worry about theft?


I would love to just stop for a week or two but I’ve never stopped for more than a day since I’ve started. I don’t want to lose the position of my gigs or have any setbacks that pausing them or using vacation mode might cause.


If I am in a hotel (and that’s not always the case when I travel), I don’t leave my laptop unattended. Generally, my traveling involves my own transportation, so if I feel theft to be a concern (and there isn’t any sort of safe in the hotel room or down by the concierge desk), I just take my laptop with me. It stows away quite nicely in a shoulder-strap carry bag. And if I don’t want to carry it wherever I go, I have other options for secure storage that I won’t mention here. :wink:

My advice, though, regardless of where you’re going, is to never leave your devices unattended – whether that be a laptop, a cell phone, or a tablet. Don’t assume they are safe, find safety options that work for you and where your are traveling/staying. A little creativity and resourcefulness can go a long way!

Or, for some people, working ahead on orders, and then placing your gigs into vacation mode might allow you to not need to take your laptop with you in the first place.

How you choose to handle this issue tends to be different for each person. In the end, unless you’re being followed, you’re the only person that knows your security choices. :slight_smile:


Now those are the words I wanna hear from everyone who travels. I have heard some of my friends they experienced theft when they travelled to some other cities/countries/wherever, while I have never got ANY of my belongings got stolen. I told them to not be naive, but they never listened. When they cried after their belongings got stolen (either money, laptop, cellphone, etc), I just hate to say, ˝I told you, you smartasses!˝ :stuck_out_tongue: . So I usually end up saying, ˝I am sorry, just be more careful next time˝.

From what I noticed, people who got their belongings stolen most of the time because they are not vigilant enough, so they are giving a green light to the thieves. I am a very vigilant person, so I really like your attitude, Jonbass. Just saying.

I know people who don´t wanna listen and think that some other cities/countries/areas are as safe as their home. Well, they are wrong. I have been to those some countries and I have heard and seen a lot crimes happened to some people. Of course there are crimes everywhere, but in some areas the level of crime is so much higher than in some other areas. I wish everyone would understand this (especially my friends).


Thank you!


I have traveled a couple of times without pausing my gig. I have the mobile app as well as my laptop which makes it flexible for me to work wherever i go to as long as there is internet connections. The only time i don’t work when i travel is when i am busy. And as for the issue of theft in an hotel. What :O. i leave my laptop in my hotel room whenever i need to get outside. Nothing happens to it. If unfortunately something happens then the hotel is in for big trouble. They gonna pay me a huge some of money… Hahahahaha. You’ve got fiverr running in your blood. that’s good. Have a safe trip


I always try to deliver most of my orders before leaving and I try to increase the delivery time by one or two days depending on how long I will be gone. Also I always try to check if the hotel has an internet connection 24/7. I don’t want to pause my gigs because I don’t want to lose any clients.

I usually have enough time to deliver new orders after I’m done with visiting the city although it happened to be late a couple of times. My clients are pretty understanding about that. :slight_smile: I’ve traveled and worked 5 times until now and it’s pretty easy. That is why I love fiverr. :smiley:


How do you handle the security of your internet connection when you travel?

Is there a danger of being hacked if you use your computer in your hotel room?


I’d personally connect with a cell phone or mobile dongle rather than the hotel wifi. I used to hack my own hotel wifi and it’s shocking how many businesses have routers with the default admin password set to admin and the password something similar.


Good topic. Neat to read.


Use your own personal mobile connection and your as safe as you would be anywhere else. When traveling its also a good idea to keep your computer, tablet or whatever you use locked away when your not using it. Besides theft, on a windows system it takes less than 2 minutes to add a master account if someone gets physical access.