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Travelling to other county

when I travel to other county and logging to fiverr account what happen?
Will it automatically location change or Will fiverr band my account?

Please Help me guys.this is an urgent!



Nothing will happen. You can travel anywhere. If you plan to be there more than two weeks ask customer support what to do. I don’t know how long you can remain in a different country without changing it on your profile.


I recently moved from Ireland to China. I’m planning to stay for about 9 months. So far, I havent contacted CS, nothing bad has happened and I am continuing to use the site and there have been no warnings or anything. So relax, you definitely won’t get banned!


You can also ask CS to change it back to your own country if that what you want.
I attended a payoneer event and there was fiverr top rated seller Aaliyaan Chaudhary (aaliyaan) he told us that he ask CS to change back his gig to his own country. He was traveling at that time.


thank you so much everyone!

Me too planning to travel to Bangkok for 5 days. Can I log to Fiverr via phone with a Data SIM/ Hotel WiFi without an issue ?

I also ask the same question, i am going to india and stay there couple of months so is there any problem if i change my internet connection??

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Nothing bad will happen , however if you want to stay 100% safe… I would suggest using a private internet connection and not some free wifi internet from a hotel / untrusted placed … at least that’s what I do when I travel

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I am having the same question

Hii everyone

I am a new Fiverr seller and just getting through orders and hope I will earn more reviews soon.

My problem is I am planning to go on a trip to another country just for 5 days. In that period I will be logged via phone and can message to buyers and can keep my account online.

Probably I will extend the delivery time to avoid order delay.

Will there be an issue due to using WiFi or a data connection during that period via phone to log Fiverr ?
Please Help !!

Thank You

No. As long as you do not violate the ToS, you will not have any issues (from Fiverr’s end) while using different IP addresses/Internet connections during your trip.

Thank you for your help