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Trending Job in fiverr right now

I am Surajit from India. I just wanted to know what is the trending job in fiverr ??

Only offer the services that you are skilled at providing. Anything else could ruin your seller reputation.


You r that guyes always give negetive thinking. when a new person joined, you should encourge him…

I was going to tell him the same thing but it looks like he doesn’t want good advise.


@jonbaas is absolutely correct.

We NEVER will encourage anyone to start providing services that they have no clue about. Because that’s a BAD IDEA. No matter how trending the service is if you don’t have a skill in that you will never succeed and will never have good reviews.

Just do what you are good at and people will come to you.

We saw too many cases with negligent sellers offering what they don’t know, claiming to be graphic designers but using canva and not knowing what is a source file and we saw too many buyer coming and complaining here about sellers that have no idea about the service they are providing.


Hey @mariashtelle1
@surajitrajak568 was just asking the trending services so that he could learn them and then sell. You got it wrong

On fiverr, graphics design, digital marketing and explainers are trending right now

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O I didn’t get it wrong. He is already selling his services on fiver.
And he is selling in a 2 completely different fields.

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THANX @bestintheword you understanding me what I really wanted to know

It is also my experience as a newbie that people discourage you with strong and harsh criticism. But they are reason to do it, our questions are so silly, but this is the difference of knowledge and experience.

The innocent questions i asked in start on this forum makes me laugh after 2 years on fiverr. But some people really insulted me rudely and arrogantly in start. But i am thankful to them because if they did not tell me how could i learn that i am doing a blunder/mistake.

So learning is a mix of getting insulted by seniors and absorbing their arrogance and rude behaviors in real life and in freelancing forums.

thanx @asharawan144 for sharing your experiences

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