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Trending WAY down on Impressions, clicks, and yes, SALES!

Hello again all!

So I was checking my gig stats and today and am continuing the downward trend on clicks, stats, etc. Most of my business in the last month has been from recurring customers. I made level 1 in early August, and was doing pretty well, for me anyway, and hoping to hit level 2 soon. But I’ve actually regressed since then. I am planning to add more gigs, which admittedly I should have done much sooner. I made a couple of changes to my gig to clarify a few things, but mostly it’s the same gig.

Any advice on what I can do to start trending up again?

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VO is extremely competitive, and not something I have a ton of experience. But for my writing gig (also a very competitive field) I tend to see my stats fairly consistent. Make sure that:

  • Your description is engaging, and easy to read
  • Your description is marketed to a specific need / person
  • You use keywords that your potential customers use while searching
  • Your demo or video is working properly

I’ve recently gone through my gigs to make sure that any negative notes (what I won’t do, etc.) can be found in the FAQ, so that the description is reserved for the positive points of my gig. I haven’t noticed a change yet, but it is probably too soon to tell.


It sounds like you are on the right track, and some great advice has been given here as well.

Just wanted to chime in with the possibility that this is out of your control. Myself and other VO sellers I know on Fiverr have all encountered this over the years. Sometimes my sales/impressions skyrocket, other times they drop off and I’m working mainly with recurring customers. This is a great reason for treating customers great and building a recurring base.

Anyhow, point is that despite not altering my gig or doing anything different, I’ve had ups and downs. I think Fiverr rotates sellers up and down in search results sometimes, and hence you can see these drops in your stats for no reason.

I may be wrong, but this has been my experience. It comes and goes, and it may be due to no fault of your own!


When I edit my gigs , I notice my impressions always go down.

Definitely create more gigs if you have some you want to do because it will reach a wider audience.


It’s great to read this. I’m sure I’ll also run into this problem and it’s very relieving to see that it happens to even the best of them. Thanks!

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This is actually a good idea. For instance, I don’t record sexually explicit material. I just noticed how much it stands out that I say that in my description. I was thinking I need to take it down, not because I’m willing to bend on it, but because it just seems negative.

Exactly. I put things like that in my FAQ. It seems like a perfect place, because it is there if the client has a question about it, but otherwise it won’t affect a potential buyer.

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