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Trick For Buyer Request

If you are looking for a service in the pages of fiverr and, after minutes of uninterrupted research, you have understood that it is better to publish a buyer request; I give you some tips to find the highest bidder.
We all know that sellers use buyer requests to search for potential customers and the faster they are to submit their offer, the easier it is to be visible to the buyer.
To be quick, however, it happens that very often the bidders do not read your request and send you pre-set messages (they simply copy and paste for each offer). If you want to find someone who has read your request thoroughly and then sent the offer after realizing that he have the skills, I suggest you write a message like “write * THIS WORD * (a word of your choice) before submitting the offer to make sure you have read the request”. Write this text towards the end of the request. In this way you can easily understand most of the bidders who have read your request and thus your selection will be faster and more optimal! :blush::wink::100:


Original tips. Nothing in your post is original or new.
It’s against the forum rules to create duplicate posts.

Plus, you’ve only been on Fiverr since March and have zero rated sales. You’re not qualified to offer advice.

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Plus that You must write this word to prove you read my post is just insulting. Do not think that this achieves anything but to make you look, lazy and commanding as a buyer. As soon as you are thinking to manipulate or manage people with tricks, you make it clear that you are a bad buyer.

Go back to doing it the right way and research for a seller who fits the needs of the project.


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I am not a buyer, but as a seller who carefully reads inquiries from prospective customers, I would rather have some advantage over spammers

Why are you sending me the link to the category “improve my gig”?
Why do you think I have the wrong category? I have chosen the correct category: Tips for buyer.
What does it have to do with being new and with zero orders? Do you think all new ones are stupid and understand after years the secret power of some site? :joy::joy::joy:
Plus, why you accuse me of copying other copy and send me the rules? I don’t saw another topic like my.

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This is a “false advantage” as you simply exchange one form of distraction with another form of distraction. All the while totally missing the point that good sellers and bad sellers look and feel very different from each other.

If a BR only draws in poor sellers, it is not a sign that all sellers are poor but that the BR itself is not suited to the task intended of it - or in other words a poor job offer, which will only attract poor offers.

Make a better selling proposition for your job to attract better craftsmen and then the difference will be clear between those who can and those who just hope to land anything, despite lack of ability.

Or again: A poor craftsman blames his tools.
Perhaps these days that should read: A Tool blames his craftsmen.


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