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[TRICK] How To Multiply Your Sales Without Being A Featured Seller


Difficulty : Moderate~Advanced

Its a no-brainer that having more traffic to your gig is the holy grail of your Fiverr lifeline.

More sales = More Money

No Sales = Back To Being Homeless

Alright that was a bit cold, jokes apart, lets get to the point : How to get traffic

Well there are several paid means to get traffic, social media ads, banner placements, google adwords and other cpm/cpc ads, but lets be honest here, who wants to shell out money when there is a way to get it for free, without stealing anything :wink:

Here Is How You Can Increase Traffic and Exposure To Your Gigs Without Being at The Mercy Of Fiverr Levels and Editorial Featured Gigs

Use your blog’s traffic to drive sales. There is are a lot of latent sales and revenue that you are missing out if you are not making use of your blog’s traffic. I have used this to get 50 orders within my first 2 weeks on Fiverr, and needless to say, I am neither a featured seller nor a top rated editorial gig. I have passed on the trick to my friends on fiverr and they have seen a 300% growth in their sales. Place your Fiverr gigs page on your blog and make the most of the traffic that gets wasted anyway. Think about it, lets say your blog gets 400 hits a day, which means you make somewhere around 3$ to 5$ a day depending on your niche and adsense pay rate, but if you place your fiverr gigs on your blog/website, and lets assume the least CTR (click through rate) of 10% then you drive 40 visits from your blog to your fiverr gigs, lets assume the worst and say 35 people are not interested in buying anything, and only 5 end up buying. That’s an extra 25$ to you, every single day, that’s around 9000 USD a year if you continue to place the gigs on your site for a year (provided your site’s traffic remains same) and let’s not forget that we have assumed the worst odds while doing all the calculations. Maybe your site has more than 400 visitors a day, and maybe you get a higher CTR and more people end up buying the gigs, you can imagine the rest.

Do I Put My Money Where My Mouth Is? (Doesn’t sound to hygienic but yes, here is how it looks on my blog’s dedicated Hire Me page and Sidebar :slight_smile: I activate this feature only on weekends or when I have free time and the results?

Super Advanced Mode : Instead of placing banner ads on other sites, you can place this widget. If you have a willing partner, you can swap your widgets so that you can alternate and benefit from each other’s traffic, and that is just for one swap, the results can be viral if your friends circle of people with blogs is bigger. You can also use your own mailing lists and autoresponders to promote your gigs now.

For Geeks Who Give A Damn : Wrap the Javascript widget source that Fiverr provides in PHP tags and you are ready to use it on wordpress. You can also manually customize it with CSS. Wrap it in a DIV tag and get busy.

Spoon Feeding For Those Who Don’t Give A Damn : Let me do it for you :

BONUS : If you order from me, I will wrap the widget in custom tailored CSS and give you the source code so that you can change every minute detail about the looks of the widget. You will also be able to add this code to your autoresponders and email footers, and display your Fiverr gigs on your facebook fan pages too. So, this is not limited to just people who have blogs.

Here is a screenshot of how it looks on my blog.


Here is a screenshot of how it looks in my sidebar :

oldbittygrandma said: I like that aweber!! Really great share!!
And it works too ;)

Here is a screenshot of my sales from 8~9 December which was a weekend (which is the only time I activate it on my blog) :

oldbittygrandma said: Fiverr doesn't have an API
Damn, you are a sophisticated pro at all things granny ;) I am starting to suspect you are a night time computer hacker with Anonymous or something :P

We are Fiverrnymous, we do not five-give, we do not five-get, expect us, five times!

You can do without the API for now.

Here is the Javascript version of the code : *I pasted the code here and the forum ate all the javascript*

oldbittygrandma said: I have "blogger" and "tumblr" blogs... I also have my own domains...

Although the widget will work perfectly on all types of CMS systems, just out of curiously, what is stopping you from moving over to self hosted wordpress site?

oldbittygrandma said: If I was to hire someone on Fiverr to do this for me

Already created a gig for that. You will either have to give your login details or I can also customize the code and send over the code in a text file which you can copy-paste in your website wherever you want your gigs to be displayed.

Here is the gig :

oldbittygrandma said: I think I actually DO have wordpress

I was referring to a self hosted wordpress. (The one at not where you own your own server.

oldbittygrandma said: Cool!! You will be hearing from me very soon!!

What is this, a million dollar job interview or something :D You make everything sound sophisticated :P


Awesomeness!! I currently created an image banner linking to my Fiverr profile page on my blog. But this is something else!


Definitely a great idea. I will have to keep that in mind for when I decide to actually purchase a pro bundle on wordpress.


Awesome thread!

thefacebookgeek said: Awesomeness!!

First gig already delivered to @thefacebookgig

Thank you for the order :)

oldbittygrandma said: I DO plan on hiring you

I added a bonus to the gig's offering :

BONUS : If you order from me, I will wrap the widget in custom tailored CSS and give you the source code so that you can change every minute detail about the looks of the widget. You will also be able to add this code to your autoresponders and email footers, and display your gigs on your facebook fan pages too.


Reply to @aweberr: Okay, you sold me…lol

ceceliavo said: Okay, you sold

Please submit requested gig details on the order page so that I can begin work :)


Reply to @aweberr: Done.


Oh… just found the script for this on fiverr…

@aweber 's gig includes the CSS so it can be styled :slight_smile:

ceceliavo said: Done.

Delivered. Let us all know once it is live :)


It is live.


hey that is cool…now to figure out how to use it in WordPress…


You can also pull your 5 latest gigs in XML / RSS Format : for example: or even

But the Fiverr widget @Arnevb found is by far the simplest solution for Wordpress of another CMS that will allow you to embed the code. Good find !


Reply to @arnevb: So I did as you suggested as well but it seems when I save it the html just deletes itself. Am I to guess that I should probably get the bundle purchase or something for it to work or is it perhaps too big to fit on my sidebar?