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Tricks to make buyers feel satisfied and happy

  1. Try to send the results according to what we promise.
  2. Also, please send additional files as bonus (me as a music seller offers additional files in WAV form)
  3. Submit the results of your work on time even try before the deadline expires.
  4. Give revisions for services in accordance with the desired result.
  5. Communicate well and never being unpleasant when the buyer asked for revisions.
  6. The quick response. You do this by installing Fiverr on your mobile phone to be online all the time.

Good Luck!!!

I’m not sure these are “tricks” but generally they are standard ways to maintain good seller/buyer relationships.

Thank you by giving these tricks. I hope if these tricks are followed then we can grow more on fiverr.

Yeah, pretty basic stuff in any selling environment: do what was advertised, in the agreed upon time frame, communicate quickly, and be attentive to your buyers’ desires.

Good advises ^^ thanks