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Tricks to sell your gigs

What are those peculiar and explicit moves, that are needed to be taken, to sell your gigs, even if you are a newbie? Please share your personal experiences.


I’m not a new seller, but I can tell you for sure that there are no tricks.
There are some tips, but no tricks.

Check out this link and her seller’s gig.
She is new too, but she got her first order right away because she did
everything right.
So if you are asking what does it mean to “do things right,” you can watch
the clip.
In other words if you know what professional means and you are good at what you do,
you will get orders no matter how new you are.


Make use of the BR section and promote your gigs on social media


If you have a sales channel.
Actually selling is very easy.
Keeping buyers buying your product is an art

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“Peculiar” and “explicit” moves? Yikes. I hope we’re not sacrificing animals or anything. :zipper_mouth_face:

(Actual serious answer: zeus777 has given you everything you need. Be free!)


I’m thinking ‘dad dancing’ myself! :rofl:

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Thank you… :heart: