Tricky sellers need to avoid


In here i was found many of lairs and fake players , the latest one i found a this profile ( fragglesrock ) he send me a PDF attachment and asking to deal out side and more money .even in here some of person collecting our wordpress premium themes and reselling ,even some person putting to hacker code inside of our site css ,

i was getting help one of Indian person .then after few weeks my site display to the banner

we are hacking your site and pray to Qur’an …please be careful of get a service providers in here . example see in my attachment

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out other sellers is not allowed. You may report all suspicious user activity directly to Customer Support


That agenda! Thank you for posting this. I shall be wary of all users who match that description.

I hope your issue gets resolved.

Terrorism: acts of intimidation involving politics / religion. Spooky indeed.


I have a seller that actually called our offices with threats after gig got cancelled through misunderstanding with bank charges. We paid next day when we found out. Seller has searched for our business and sent personal email threats and left several voicemail. Seller also has someone else contacting us with threats. 6 days ago we notified Fiverr have not heard back from Fiverr. Calls still coming. We made a police report & forwarded emails and voicemail from this seller. Police was able to locate seller by her IP address in email and our business phone service provider was able to see the sellers name etc . They have kept all that info on file. We take the threats seriously. Local PD will contact the sellers PD where she lives and they will take it from there. We do not wish to press any charges ( seller is a college girl). But we need that type of contact that breaks Fiverr terms of use to stop completely and immediately.

Will let you guys know when and if Fiverr replies to our complaint. Also will update you and the outcome.


No reply from customer support to date. But will not stop until seller is removed from fiverr…that’s how serious it is.


What can be done about a seller that doesn’t provide anything remotely similar to the product promised, then offers a refund only if I lie about my level of satisfaction? I refused, now he has posted lies about me on his comments section.