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TRIED AVI AND MPF AND MOV Video will not upload to gig

Hey there, so I am trying to upload a 29 second video, would not accept an AVI file, nor would it accept an MP4 file, both of which are supposedly supported. I have tried repeatedly. HELP!??

What happens, exactly? Is there an error message of any sort?


I know it’s only 29 seconds, but is it possible it’s too large (over 10 MB, I think)? And have you tried refreshing the page?

It could also be the title; no funny characters are allowed, so no quotation marks, apostrophes, etc.

ohhhh dear…it is 15.2 MB…well that sucks…I have no idea how to cut it by a full third…any ideas…??

My apologies; that may be for audio, only; I just looked and I have a couple of videos around 15 MB, as well…Have you checked for quotation marks, apostrophes, any other unusual characters? Anything besides letters and numbers?

oh, are you saying use of any exclamation marks etc should not be in the video? Cause yes there are hyphens and exclamation marks…so i need to remove those?

I do have a hyphen on one, but no, I don’t think an exclamation mark is allowed. Try removing everything except the letters, numbers, and hyphens.

You are talking about the name or title of the file, right? It doesn’t matter about the gig’s actual matter, but the title name has to be just-so.

Well it’s worth a try, thanks so much for responding!