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Tried Everything But Failed

Have been using fiverr for more than 3 years now. This is the first time my all promotion tricks are failing. Sharing in facebook groups, pages, twitter, google plus, pinterest but no results.

Bought a gig for linkbuilding for my fiverr gig but again no results. tried blog posting manually, blog commenting and many other things but again no results.

Each and everyday i promote my gig to as many websites but i just can see my page views increase but no sales!

You are not telling the truth. That or your definition of no sales is skewed.

It comes down to the times.

You are right when you say Twitter is not the same as it was last year. (On your gig)

Nobody (Unless you are a huge celebrity) can get followers and retweets that fast… to real people. Everyone knows that now. So when your gig is for that much, in 1 day nobody believes you. It’s not possible.

It’s only possible if all the accounts are fake.

C’mon. Really? 10100 retweets in a day. Guaranteed. How can you guarantee that? Do you control every person on the world and can make them retweet with your mind?

It’s because it’s not real. And people, finally are realizing that.

If you had… 200 retweets in a day that’s more believable. But 10100?

And how do you get 1000 people to follow someone in a day? 1000! How do you promise that? Do you know that every single person will be online and will follow? You can’t know that. You know that because they are not real.

And if they were how could you promise that many? How do you pay them? What… do you pay each person who follows .00000000000001 of a cent for every person they follow?

I don’t know you or how well you perform your gigs. But based on my experience with other people who provide “real” twitter followers (and from complaints I’ve read in marketing forums) these followers (and facebook likes) are never permanent. I’ve twice ordered such services and within a month, all the new followers were gone. Perhaps you should somehow assure buyers your gig has better retention.

Maybe this fiverr tutorial may help you

Fiverr changes their ranking method continuously. My gig has been down in sales too

@scandalous - That’s pretty much what I wrote. LOL.

And now for a shameless plug for myself. @scandalous - My likes never drop… because I use real ones. Thousands and thousands of sales, not 1 negative review and only about a 3% cancellation ratio.

Like I said. I do the job properly. The only downfall is that I can only supply 50 at a time. And 2 gigs is my max.

You say you have been using Fiverr for 3 years, but your account seems to be much younger than that.

And from what I can tell, you are doing fine!

3 years? Your oldest gig is a month old, and your second gig is 10 days old. We can’t help you if you’re not honest with us.

Enabling the 3 year old gig would definitely bring you tons of sales if you do have it.

Reply to @belgianwriter: Hence my post. :-). The OP is not being truthful.

Reply to @adsensewizard: My thoughts exactly!

Hello! both my gigs and

were receiving 4-5k impressions every month without any promotions and appeared in searches too for a few keywords but my all gigs seem to be removed from searches and they are hardly getting any exposure.

Been a fiverr user since 5 years…though not from this account…i had other accounts too. I workded hard to gain more positive feedbacks so as to take my gigs above others and now my gigs have feedbacks but they arent in searches. Please advice

How many accounts do you have and how many gigs do you have on each? If you answer this maybe I can help.

Hi, you should know that you should have only one account on Fiverr. That could be the reason for the action taken by them. Also, as another Fiverr seller reported, traffic gigs are slowly getting removed from search, it’s not just about you or your gig.

Your problem is that Fiverr’s editorial focus is apparently shifting away from the link building and facebook like services which you provide. There have already been a couple of posts on this topic and there is nothig you can do about it I’m afraid.