Tried to Contact CS. EDIT: RESOLVED


Yeah. I’m not impressed with CS. I was trying to find out about update times, because I can tell it’s flawed. My response was immediately answered in 30 minutes, and when I replied, the response after that came less than one minute. Makes me suspicious that it wasn’t a real person behind the screen. The name didn’t make me feel at ease either. :confused:


You don’t need to mention the name (ToS), but why would somebody’s name make you feel ill at ease?

CS aren’t bots, they’re real people, and they’re usually very helpful! :sunny:


@offlinehelpers Hey, I’m glad we talked because I decided to re-word my question and got the accurate answer I was looking for. So it was a misunderstanding but it’s been resolved. Thank you for easing my suspicions; I have been played in the past and it hurt, so this helps a lot! Thank you so much! <3 :blush:


So glad to hear it!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :sunny:


As long as the name wasn’t discobot I wouldn’t worry about it.

@discobot are you working at customer support?


30 minutes? I haven’t received a response in that short of a time frame in 4 years.


I got one yesterday that was less than 30 minutes. It was definitely a real person.


That’s crazy. Maybe they’ve been more active recently


Today, I got a response within 20 minutes or something. It was a real person. I am 100% sure about that.


Some of my issues have been answered within minutes.

I suspect it has to do with the ranking of your support inquiry and whether they have a short queue.

Happy it has been resolved and lead to a good experience!


Haha me too! :slight_smile: