Tried to deliver, but message got flagged. Now it's late


Oh, so frustrated with this site this week! I’ve been trying to submit a support ticket for one question and for five days, I get an error.

Now, a client asked me to write a bio for them to use on another freelancer site. Idiot me used the name of the site when I delivered the order, and the message was flagged. No delivery to the client and now it will be late! Seriously, you can’t even mention the “u” word without a bot shutting you down? Unbelievable. This is just painful this week.


Yeah I totally feel you. They block the word “money” but they let you message words like kill, murder, etc. It’s a really weird system that needs work.


Is there a re-deliver option? If so, you could use that. It might not affect your stats when it gets approved if it uses the date/time you delivered and not the date/time it was approved.


Strangely, there was no re-delivery option. It suddenly showed up in my delivered list so either they cleared it or something else strange happened. Regardless, I’m glad it isn’t showing the big red late sign. :grinning: