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Tried to SCAM me now THREATS?

Can a seller who works in wordpress hack your site for revenge?

This is getting out of hand. I know I can’t post this fiverr seller’s name but he needs to be banned from the site! I have contacted fiverr support about him breaking their terms of service and harassing me but no response (with documented proof).

I have purchased a few gigs but still consider myself a fiverr newbie. I contacted a few sellers to inquire if someone could help me with my footer because I couldn’t get it to look just right (all I wanted was a 3 column footer format no special coding). This bad seller from Pakistan responded and said he could do it with no problem. He, then asked me to contact him via s/k/y/p/e so he could see the footer and write a special code to override my theme’s default. I honestly didn’t think anything of it. I connected with him on skype, created an admin login for my site and he started some tinkering with the footer while we were skyping (video). I immediately asked him how much is this going to cost. He told me that the cost was going to be $175 US. I started laughing and said “How many gigs equals $175?” He said, “No. Don’t pay me through fiverr because they will take at least $50 from me. Send me the money through Western Union. Let me send you my information. You send the money now and I will do the job how you want it.” Then, he sent a s/k/y/p/e message saying I need to pay him a $35 tip for handling my issue so promptly.

I knew then he was a scam artist. So, I told him that I had a customer and had to leave. I ended the s/k/y/p/e session and was in the process of deleting the admin access I created for him. He called me back via s/k/y/p/e 2 minutes later asking me when I was going to send him the money and I needed to send him some MTC or some type of number when I sent the money. I ended the session again. I deleted the access. He did not do any coding or anything special. All he did was create a text widget and put 1 site seal in it - that’s all. Within 20 minutes, he got my cell phone number from s/k/y/p/e and called me demanding money. Within 2 days, I have 67 missed calls from his number in Pakistan.

As I am typing this, his last voicemail was left on 2/13 and he stated "Give me my money. I need it. You need to give me my money. Please don’t force me to do anything to you. I am not going to forget it. I am not going to leave easily."

WTH??? Now, I’m worried that he might hack my site or something. I don’t want to think in stereotypes and fear for my life but I think this guy is psycho SERIOUSLY! How can I protect my site from being hacked? Why won’t fiverr block this guy’s IP address? Why won’t their customer service team respond?? It’s been days and nothing.

I don’t think I will ever, ever buy a gig from anyone who is not in America.

Thanks for any input.

Scared out of my Prettyshoes!

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Wow! First, I’m so sorry this is happening to you. What a nightmare! If you already have an open ticket with Customer Service about this, they may take a while, but they do respond to each help request. Depending on how many open tickets they’re inundated with, it could take longer than usual. However, I can’t imagine that, given the antics of this person, Fiverr wouldn’t at least ban them from the site.

I’m honestly not super educated in internet/website security, so maybe another forum poster can add some insight regarding safeguarding your website from any possible hacks. However, can you block his phone number from contacting you? Surely there’s a way to block calls from that number so that you won’t have to deal with his harassing calls through your cell phone carrier.

Also, while I’m sure you’ve probably learned a big lesson already and I probably don’t even need to mention this, it’s important to note that you should really never give out any kind of personal information to other Fiverr users (and it’s also against Fiverr’s Terms of Service). I’m sure there are plenty of cases where it may be no issue, but depending on the person, you just never know. Giving out that kind of info to strangers across the globe (or even in the same city) isn’t wise.

I would say to block phone calls from that number and do some research about safeguarding your site (maybe contact the site’s host for additional info). Unfortunately, there’s really nothing you can do about your open ticket with Customer Support except to wait for their response and action (I know – waiting sucks).

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Thanks, Nickih. I greatly appreciate your response. I have learned volumes with this experience.

I am going to check on blocking his number. Contacting my hosting provider is a great idea. I didn’t think to ask them if they had any advise or extra security measures that might be beneficial. Those are very common sense resolutions that I, for some reason didn’t think to do.

Thanks, again.

@prettyshoes just delete the admin account you created for him.Change your main admin user name and password as well and delete the widget he put on the site ASAP as you do not know what is inside it.

I dont know what type of site it is but if it is CMS like wordpress you can secure it by adding a security plugin.

If he calls you again answer the phone and leave it on and go and watch tv. Let him rant and rave all he wants but wait until he gets his phone bill.

Fiverr cannot help with this at all as this took place outside fiverr and that is where he wanted it, so there would be no comebacks. You should not have contacted him via skyp e as that is against the TOS of fiverr and the minute anyone mentions western union as payment…run. This is the way scammers operate as you cannot get any refunds out of western union or the details of the person who withdraws the payment and your money is going into a black hole.

Bottom line is if anyone asks you to contact them outside fiverr in any shape or form tell them to get lost. You have no protection or come backs and fiverr cannot help. People requesting outside contact have ulterior motives for doing so, and its not for your benefit.

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I think I can help you. contact me in private (no details don’t worry)

in whole hacking in to a website is not extremely hard if it is just an average website but from what you said and the fact that he didn’t really program anything he might also be lying about that. But the problem with this is that you don’t necessarily need to know how to program a website to hack in to one. the type of programming that is needed in ready made websites is usually a easy HTML version though not necessarily once again.

anyway if you need help feel free to contact me and I’ll try to advise you as best as I can.


Reply to @markp: Mark is right. Unless you have a Skype gig AND received permission from Customer Support beforehand, you are not allowed to negotiate the price and details of a gig outside of Fiverr.

You caught on though and see the disasters that can occur when you go off-site. I don’t think Fiverr can help you with this buyer. If his abuse took place here, he’d be kicked out/banned promptly.

I’m sorry you had to go through this. 67 calls??? Who even has the time for that?

cheezees said: you are not allowed to negotiate the price and details of a gig outside of Fiverr.

Very true -- I wasn't thinking about that. While Fiverr will respond to your ticket regardless, they'll only be able to take action regarding the misbehavior that took place within the Fiverr system, if there was any. Regardless, I hope everything turns out okay with your site and inundation of phone calls, @prettyshoes!

Reply to @nickih: Since the buyer solicited communication outside of Fiverr via the Fiverr messaging system, at least they could address that violation. :slight_smile:

Well, he did slip while on fiverr. I don’t know if fiverr can see my conversations with this scam seller in my inbox but he asks me on fiverr to contact him via “skp” (i think fiverr should add that to one of their filters to catch more scammers).

Again, I have only purchased a few gigs so at the time I knew I wasn’t supposed to pay anyone outside of fiverr for the many times I kept trying to type m/o/n/e/y in conversations and got slapped on the hand by fiverr. I wasn’t aware that skype was off limits. Of course, now I know.

When I didn’t respond to any of his calls, he came back on fiverr and said the following:

“Hello you havnt send me any mtcn number ?” (that seems to be a confirmation #)

"Kindly send me my ammount"

So, I am hoping that is enough for fiverr to consider a violation of their TOS.

I did block his numbers. He called from 2 different phone numbers. I have blocked communication with him on fiverr as well. Now, I’m just worried about my website.

Thank you all for your comments and advice. I am a little more calm now.

i am very very sorry to hear about this type of harassment some people do to get the money, for these type of folks, there is no limit, as far as your website is concerned, just install a few plugins for security, contact me via pm and i can help you out with anything you want to make your website more secure, its not hard to secure your website if you do care about little things :slight_smile:

It is because of these type of sacmmers that often legit and hardworking people from other parts of world find hard time to find work on fiverr.
Even if he is blocked he will make another account and scam from it. It is just disgusting!
Anyways I don’t think any harm had been done to your site because if he had such knowledge he would have gotten a real job somewhere.
What about you?
Is he still messaging you?

As the original post is from three and a half years ago, I sincerely hope he isn’t! :zombie: thread


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