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Trigger Negative Words - A Suggestion to Fiverr Decision Makers

This is a practical problem I have faced while executing client’s order :

See , I have a GIG under which I convert excel spreadsheets calculators or pages to html for use in WordPress or blogger or Joomla sites .You can see my gig

Many of these calculators or spreadsheets are finance related , which contains words , say column for PAYMENT.

Now , if you need to communicate with the client and want to refer PAYMENT column , the SYSTEM auto triggers and warns that I should not use such words.

It really creates problem in properly communicating with the client.

I think while the system related TRIGGER is good for discipline, the trigger should not become a PROBLEM in itself.


Yes. It’s very annoying.

Even I’m doing art gigs, but still, we are talking about business here, can’t say “money” can’t say “pay” “payment”. These are some key words you use when you talk about business. Very frustrating when I have to find other way to say it.

I think someone figured out that the word “cash” didn’t set off any alarms. :slight_smile:

cheezees said:
I think someone figured out that the word "cash" didn't set off any alarms.

That was something I mentioned in a previous post here! If I communicate with other British people then I also throw in some slang too. Works surprinsingly well! Of course, in this situation that won't matter as they are referring to specific columns in a spreadsheet which makes using different different terms difficult. It is something that has to be sorted out sooner rather than later.

Reply to @ryangillam: Good detective work, Ryan! “Moola” also doesn’t do squat! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, but even with the warning that pops up it doesn’t really do anything does it? I’m still able to send a message.

If it does what I think it does ^ then I think it’s fine. I guess it helps with fiverr making sure it get’s that $1 from every sale :wink:

No, not really, many times a message with trigger words will just NOT be delivered.

I’ve seen COUNTLESS examples of that.

I’ve never had a message not be delivered because of that. I usually type out someones User name whenever I reply, and sometimes their user names are things like “Pay4cheesesticks” (that is made up) and that box will come up just based on me typing their name. But it always gets delivered, its just more of a reminder not to violate the ToS.

I just had another bad experience because of the negative keyword trigger.

I had a returning buyer order 65 gigs worth of voice work out of the blue. No heads up! I had NO idea it was coming. Although I love this customer I thought he’d lost his mind. There was no way I was going to complete that gig in 3 days plus, there were some things we needed to discuss. So, I suggested he order my approved Skype gig and sent him a custom offer for $5 + 3 days.

Needless to say, he did not get the message which required all kinds of time and frustration for both of us (he’s in the Netherlands and I had no idea he spoke English as well as he did). It wasn’t until he ordered my Skype gig from my list of gigs (not the custom offer I sent him) that we figured out what was going on. Fiverr flagged my custom offer and never sent it to him. This also added another $5 to his bill AND it did nothing to add 3 days to the gig. Luckily I have great, loyal buyers.

We worked it all out and we’re both happy. Now he’s going to have his gig delivered, I’m going to have 65 gigs to deliver, AND through no help from Fiverr they’re going to make money too.

I should also mention that earlier this same morning I reported another buyer who ordered 1 gig and asked me to PayPal him for 2 more gigs. WTH? Fiverr canceled the order (thank you Fiverr).

Here’s my easy solution to this problem: Once you’ve completed a certain number of gigs (in my case it’s about 800 orders) then Fiverr can flag whatever they want to flag and review whatever they want to review but for God’s sake LET THE MESSAGES GO THROUGH FIRST and punish offenders later.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I am not sure why you are having such an issue with this. I get a lot of questions from new buyers on how Fiverr payments work etc. I quite frequently have to explain the process and ad words like creditcard, paypal, or voicemail for a voice over gig into my messages which of course get marked red and I never had an issue with orders being canceled or messages being flagged. Did you try to reach out to CS to ask them why this is??

I agree, the filter is super frustrating!

I got a scary email warning message once because I was trying to explain to someone I was BUYING from, that I wanted to wait until some of my funds cleared through fiverr, so I didn’t have to use paypal and pay the extra fee - that was frustrating getting warned when I was actually trying to buy something through fiverr :confused:

I also had difficulty getting my voicemail voiceover gig up and running, because voicemail is a flagged word - it took over a week and about 10 messages back and forth with customer service, and then eventually I had to change it to say voice mail, instead of voicemail as I couldn’t make a single change to the gig without it getting flagged and not approved (ie I couldn’t save it). Not sure how all the other hundreds of voicemail gigs manage to get up without issue…

The filter is dumb, you can write e-mail but not email. For pay, I do pa-y.

I once had a buyer who was frustrated why everytime he placed instructions in the box, it wouldn’t update in my end. We thought it was bug so we cancelled that order and he made a new one. Then the same thing happened, finally we decided that the buyer place the instructions in a doc file and send it over, then i discovered he had the word paypal in it – (not that he was looking to pay outside of Fiverr) – his request really was just related to paypal. Lol.

Here’s another related example.

I had trouble posting a Gig because I mentioned a social media site ‘too many’ times in the description. I kept thinking “how is that possible? I only mentioned it once!”

Then I realized: I put a legal notice at the bottom stating the name of the site and what company it belonged to, and also that the company doesn’t endorse my Gig. I had to try to rewrite the legal notice! By the way, I got the wording from the social media site itself.

This is why computer programs are not a replacement for human editors (and why it’s so easy for others to fool programs that check for plagiarism). Computers excel at processing data and repetitive tasks. They cannot make decisions.