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Triple Ur Gigs Earnings Fast

Help the Poor People This Xmas by donating Just Fiver (US$5) to Christian Fund Registered Charity.We are not asking hundreds / thousands just a Fiverr.It Might Be Less than a Burger Price But it can make somebody’s life.Give Him/Her a Complete Meal,Education,Cloths and A Place to Live. So Donate it Now!! At

How do we even know this goes into a christian fund and not a guy in front of a computer?

You see it when your sales triple :slight_smile:

So, are we bribing God to triple our sales? :stuck_out_tongue:

why not to donate to needy persons near you? or charity which you know personally? Internet is full of frauds its better to find needy persons yourself.

Question is not about $5 or $5000 … your money should go to right person/organizations.

I wonder do you use black hat or white hat backlink SEO . fragglesrokk?

What has donating to charity to do with increasing earnings?

Very unclear information.

So we need to give order in your gig?