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Troll buyer ripped us off and left a damaging rating. Fiverr's flaws don't help

Beware of the buyer who left a recent bad review.

He ordered a music promotion gig from us. He chose our extra fast gig extra (for the gig to be underway within 8 days). He also chose our “extra time” gig extra.
We explained that the extra-time gig extra would mean that we would have to hang on and work past the short deadline (caused by the extra fast gig extra) and that we trusted him not to press cancel. This is one of Fiverr’s most annoying flaws. We’ve told them time and time again that there should be a facility where the buyer and seller can agree to stretch a deadline.

Anyway, the buyer took advantage of this and cancelled, but then to add insult to unjury, left a bad review. Then he also deleted his SoundCloud profile, which seems like he is most likely a troll trying to damage our good reputation.

We also aren’t able to write a reply review to him for some reason (we usually can for other people).

Another major flaw of Fiverr is not being able to contact the buyer after the gig. There should be a least a week’s grace period after the gig just in case there have been any mistakes made.

People just need to see our previous reviews to know we provide a great service. However, his review has led to us not having any more orders. It’s so infuriating and unfair. Why do people like this exist?

Yikes, thats unfortunate! Hopefully you guys can bounce back, iKnow how irritating that may be! Exploit the flaws to your benefit will be my suggestion.


It looks like you already have the feedback removed? If not, then get in touch with customer support. Proof that you said it would take longer than quoted should be sufficient for the feedback removal.