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Troll Buyers?

Does anybody else get the feeling there are a high number of tolls posing as sellers?

It seems like lately, I’ve been getting lots of messages from sellers who insist on having these long drawn-out conversations in broken English, (I think they are using google translate) who like to say things like “I have a very large project” “I need this right away and will pay whatever i takes” and other triggers to get your attention, then they keep using bait-and-switch tactics in the conversation. Like, on Monday they have a 400 word project that they need in 12 hours, which they never order, then on Tuesday they have a whole other 600 word project, which they never order. Eventually I just end up spam blocking them because they waste so much time.

About the only thing they end up doing is having an endless back-and-forth conversation without actually ordering. What’s their game? The only thing I can figure is that they are either waiting for me to “slip-up” somehow in my replies, or they are just trolls, plain and simple, and get their jollies off this somehow.

It’s to the point now where I’ve had enough I can pick out the pattern, almost like they are working off a script.

Anybody know what all this is about?

Whoops, I meant buyers not sellers. (I can’t edit my post on this new forum software?) Should have read:

"Does anybody else get the feeling there are a high number of tolls posing as buyers?

It seems like lately, I’ve been getting lots of messages from buyers"

Had a few of those too, some have been after a discount, others have just been new to fiverr and some are still a mystery to me.

When it just seems to drag on towards nowhere, perhaps it’s just best to give answers like “Looking forward to your first order”.

Hello People. I need some help…
Exist any way to block a user? i have a troll user. I’ve made for him 3 succesfully orders but in the last one, the order includes many thaks. All the task was made sucesfully but one of them depends of some data provided for him. He never give me that data, then is not my fault. Today want another thing, then i made a custom offer but he want to free work. Later start to say me racist things… later he wrote me: (i change the numbers of orders for privacy…)

"Love credit cards in America…
#FO898765544, #FO098767545, #FO4567890

all three refunded… "

This man is really is wrong…
I send a ticket to fiverr with the abuses screencaptures… but i’m not sure what is the next step…
What happen with that refunds?

Wait for the support’s response.
For the temporary blocking, you can click the report button on the message page with that user. It will at least stop the messages.

@kay is right. Just to prepare you, if the buyer used stolen credit cards or did chargeback, Fiverr will be forced to return the funds to the real owner. Hopefully they can at least shut the buyer down so the problem won’t continue.

Thanks for all the tips. I think are not stolen credit cards. I think is just an annoying/temperamental buyer making a refund…

Why would any seller want to talk too much? It’s some buyers that love wasting time, let me show you what I deal with:

““Have you heard about emai-l marketing? Have you heard about squeeze page for list building? If yes, i would like you to create the good headline for my squeeze page? If you are familiar with it and accept the gig. I will gig you the info.””


You need to lead them. “Yes I do, place your order.” You have to tell people what you want, otherwise you’ll never get it.

I’m not sure what you mean by the buyer making a refund, so that’s why I offered you the heads-up. Buyers can’t make refunds. They can ask you for a refund which you can voluntarily give them or not.

They can ask Customer Support for a refund, but if the guy got delivery as described I’m not sure what grounds he would use.

Finally, they or their payment provider can initiate a chargeback due to the request of the card owner no matter who it is. If it’s the last one, it is out of Fiverr’s hands. That’s all I wanted to let you know.

I think that’s “chargeback due” with the credit card because the buyer wrote:

“Love credit cards in America…
#FO898765544, #FO098767545, #FO4567890

all three refunded… ”

This exact problem is the bane of my life on Fiverr at the moment. I’d say that 70-80% of messages I get at times are just insane. It can take several exchanges before I actually have an idea of what the buyer wants and they are never happy with the price. Usually then, I don’t make them an offer. It’s a huge waste of time.

To make matters worse, I’ve also had messages like these from other sellers, ones who seem to ask me everything about my gig in excruciating detail, only for me to realize that they offer the exact same gig. Odd…