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Troll Reviews... 😡😡😡

So this is the second this happens to me, i had a gig and a guy contacted me and wanted to order.
I answered all his questions and then he ordered the gig and didn’t buy the 1 Day Delivery (Normal its 3 days)
Anyways, i completed his order in less than 4 hours even though he didnt pay for the 1 day delivery, then he started asking for the extra services that should cost him more but i wanted to be nice and still helped him for free and i marked the order as complete.
For some reason he waited 3 days and gave me 1 star review and commented “Good Buyer”
So i messaged him and asked him why did he leave 1 star review if im “Good” as you say and he started acting stupid and saying oh sorry it was a mistake bla bla, he is clearly trolling, this guy have had his account since 2012 and he is active buyer, there is no way he did that by accident…
So i decided to contact Fiverr Support about that and asked if i could get the review removed, and they gave me warning because its not allowed to Ask for Modifying/Removing reviews…
As i said this is the second time this happens, and i noticed mostly they are from the same country those who do this

Your first mistake was contacting the Buyer about the 1-Star review.

Read the Terms of Service (again, if you have read them already).

It sucks what happened to you, but I think providing a 4-hour turnaround when the Buyer specifically ordered the 3-day option may have come across to the Buyer that you rushed the job to get it done.

I know I would have thought that if I were the Buyer.

Sorry, but by trying to impress someone, I think your plan backfired.


Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.

Here is the must read updated “warnings” link for the above topic: Fiverr Help and Education Center

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Buyer purchases wrong service - but you still went ahead with the order.
You helped him for “free” - this is business and not charity.
You messaged your buyer asking about his review - quickest way to get a warning.
You contacted CS - they gave a warning because you only highlighted what you shouldn’t have done.
And although you haven’t named a country - it’s against forum rules to call out a single country!

I don’t understand why people don’t understand this simple principle of business - the moment anyone breaks away from an agreement or abuses trust, you stamp down on it - and not meekly go go along with it. Because one thing is for certain - abusers carry on with their behaviour.