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Trolls in Fiverr

Someone is trolling me in Fiverr. They gave me an article which they copied from somewhere on the Internet, asked me to change a few words in it (I assumed they had written it and wanted a rewrite) and now are accusing me of plagiarizing it. This is someone I have dealt with before and they are getting revenge on me for not wanting to work with them again by changing identities on Fiverr. He pulled the same scheme in another job I did for him (under a different name.) Fiverr is full of con-men (and women) and Fiverr does not have safeguards in place to stop them. I knew from the beginning this fool was setting me up but could not go through the long, agonizing process of begging Fiverr to reject the assignment. Fiverr facilitates this by not allowing you to easily turn down assignments. I wish to report him to - as useless as that will be - to customer service.